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all 5 of the questions that are listed below


all 5 of the questions that are listed below. answers should be well written and concise, and be at 3 full paragraphs in length. Please make sure answers follow the proper APA styles of writing: including footnoting and are double spaced. include a cover page and Work Cited.

1. Macy’s department stores structure several of their floors with a brand- oriented shop-in-shop design. Discuss in detail, the advantages and disadvantages. Include in your analysisother stores who have done this successfully (i.e., Bloomingdales).

(Chapter 15)

2. Over the past two decades, many retailers have shifted their focus to CRM and introduced loyalty card programs as a tool. Some researchers, today, are critical of such programs, claiming that “loyalty programs do not cause loyalty”! Discuss the loyalty and/or reward programs instituted by the company you are working on for your final project. Have these programs been successful? Do they need to be changed or discontinued? (Chapter 16)

3. Discuss in as much detail as possible the buying processes of the company you are working on. ( See 17.5 in your eBook)

4. Imagine that you are a business consultant. Would you advise Walmart’s officials to rethink their logistics sustainability campaign? (When answering this question, compare Walmart’s sustainability efforts in logistics with those of other retailers).

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