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Homework answers / question archive / Essay: Persuasive Research Essay 6pages, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman font

Essay: Persuasive Research Essay 6pages, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman font


Essay: Persuasive Research Essay 6pages, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman font. Research expectations (4-6 secondary sources) Choice of Topic Your essay must address the problem or topic that you addressed in the annotated bibliography paper. Your purpose in this essay is to offer an effective argument that details your perspectives or views on the issue or problem; or an effective argument about how the problem/controversy should be resolved. In other words, in terms of method or strategy you might choose: The position paper 2) The Proposal Method As you hopefully recall from your introductory writing classes, an effective argument offers a controlling idea – a thesis – and uses credible, carefully researched evidence to support the controlling idea and related claims. Your argument essay might also draw on your personal experience to illustrate and humanize some aspect of your arguments. Organization/Content Introduction/Attention Grabber • You might begin with a scene that illustrates or dramatizes a “real life story” connected to the problem or issue. • Or: As an alternative, you might begin with a general overview or background information; the general overview or background information should come from secondary source, article, expert. • Or: you might begin with a short personal story that contextualizes the issue/humanizes the essay • Of course, make sure to end with a thesis statement or controlling idea that announces your position on the issue or your position on how the problem can be resolved. Blueprint--- Body: Carefully researched evidence to support your thesis and related sub-arguments or claims. Example paragraph organization: • Broad Topic Sentence that introduces sub-argument/claim. • Define/Refine sub-argument/claim • Support argument/position with credible evidence [Expert views, statistics, etc] o Here is where you must consider adding personal stories that help you make your point. Don’t draw too much on this;[You might also introduce these examples anywhere in the essay] • Connect evidence to sub-argument, your position or claim Addressing Contestations/Opposing Views o Introduce and explain what others might say in opposition to your views or solutions o Respectfully acknowledge the merits of those views or acknowledge their proponents o Respond to the views---be specific---say why your views matter Conclusion: o Highlight significant aspects of your arguments/position o Make the case for what is at stake: why readers should care? Who should care? o OR: o End with a scene, an image, imagery, a quote, that reinforces what is stake. NOTE: Bibliography/List of Sources should be in the MLA or APA Format. List of Sources should be on a new page. DO NOT FORGET IN-TEXT CITATIONS. Avoid Logical Fallacies Edit your Paper for Grammar/Usage

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