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Use the template attached under class assignments

Health Science

Use the template attached under class assignments. Use this template to "summarize" the two research articles you are using for your EBP project. The goal is to have a brief and concise summary of your articles. This is a time when you do not want to use full sentences - but brief clear descriptions of each article using the template. If someone had not read your article - this table should be clear enough to provide an overview and general understanding of key features of the research and findings.Evaluation Table Template The purpose of Evaluation Table is to summarize the key points of your critique of the research articles. Keep your descriptions brief – there should be NO complete sentences First Author, Year, Title, Juurnal Research Design/ Method Sample/ Setting Major Variables Studied and Their Definitions Measurement of Major Variables: How were the outcomes measured. Apprasial: Worth to Practice How Was the Data Analysized Study Findings Consider Strengths and Limitations of the Study, Risk or Harm if Study Intervention or Findings implemented, Feasibility of Use in Your Practice r Modiefied from Used with permission, © 2007 Fineout-Overholt

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