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Homework answers / question archive / This is a project on Logiciel R with R studio

This is a project on Logiciel R with R studio


This is a project on Logiciel R with R studio.

In this project, students are asked to respect the following rules: The code must be commented, the variable names must be adapted, the variable names must not contain any accent and the indentation must be respected.

the project decomposes into three parts. In the first, a series of functions to be performed. These functions will not be able to use existing packages and functions, unless explicitly specified. In the second, students will reprocess the data from packages, from the functions developed in the first part, or using current view queries. Finally, in the third part, students will have to create a composite index. This index will be based on the steps presented in class. Some of the questions may be based on packages and functions to search online (for part 2 and 3). Note also that all the functions developed will not necessarily be used. Also, the functions seen in progress can be used in the project. A pdf document will be prepared to present the results.

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