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Introduction 2 marks (The hook 0


Introduction 2 marks (The hook 0.5 mark + Thesis statement 1 mark + The 3 main ideas to be elaborated 0.5 mark) The hook: Start with an interesting fact/question/proverb etc. ? The thesis statement: Inform the reader what your general opinion/argument/main message is. ? State the three main ideas/topics you are going to cover to support the thesis statement (these will be elaborated in body paragraphs). Body Paragraphs 4 marks Paragraph 1 [topic sentence and support 1 mark] Paragraph 2 (same as above] Paragraph 3 (same as above] ? Write 3 paragraphs only, each related to your general opinion and each starting with a topic sentence. ? Support each topic sentence with examples and use diagrams, charts, tables, or lists (if needed). ? Each paragraph should examine a separate idea that supports the thesis statement Conclusion 2 marks ? Tie the three main ideas from the body paragraphs Restate your general opinion/argument/main message References, Spelling and Grammar 1 mark Title: Reflection Essay Length: 2-3 pages Search: Relevant books, articles, and other online sources

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