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Homework answers / question archive / Assignment: In your responses to your peers

Assignment: In your responses to your peers

Computer Science


In your responses to your peers..

  • Explain whether you agree or disagree with the decision that your peer has made, and provide a rationale

PEER # 1

For the discussion this week I chose to follow scenario two. I feel it is beyond important to keep the student information secure at all costs. My supervisor just basically blowing it off because of a lack of funding and also using the staffing changes as another excuse is just, well inexcusable. I would try to explain again to my supervisor the importance of keeping the student information secure. If this did not work I would then bring this to the attention of someone higher in the organization. If the student information were to get out, it could potentially lead to identity theft for students which in turn could lead to the institution losing not only students but also it could lead to massive financial loss from multiple sources, not just students but also alumni donors.

PEER # 2

Hello everyone, my name is Camilo, Cam for short, and I have selected scenario 2 for this week's discussion. In this scenario, there are several legal and ethical issues to consider. The main concern is that student information is not being properly protected which can bring legal issues to the institution. Another concern is that management was already aware of the vulnerability and is okay with allowing it to continue which is just unethical. If I were in this situation I would express what legal issues could arise from allowing this vulnerability to continue and if I did not get the reaction I was satisfied with I would go to upper management. It does not make sense to say something is "not in the budget" that can actually cause the institution to close their doors if they cannot afford the financial loss from a lawsuit.

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