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5?10?(?) 19% 0 dcccd


5?10?(?) 19% 0 Courses Final Project Guidelines al Project Guidelines at Final Project: Create Something Due: Sunday, May 9th, 2021 by 11:59 PM Topic: Anything you are interested in that relates to the course. What do you like to do? Do that, but creatively. Value: 75 points! What to do: As an individual or in groups of up to 4 people, create something related to the topic of your interest. This is a VERY open-ended project, and I would like to see your creative sides. Creativity and interest in the project go a long way with your grade. Examples of what you can do: 1) Presentation 10 minutes per person. Use PowerPoint or another presentation software and record your presentation. 2) Podcast Minimum 10 minutes per person, Max. 1 hour! This is an informal discussion on your topic(s). You do need to exhibit some researched knowledge of your topic; do not just say what you think and leave it at that. Make sure you discuss data that you have researched to bolster your arguments. Do your best to not stray too far off topic and make sure to discuss major points or ideas that are related to the class. 3) YouTube Video - Talk to me if you are serious about doing a video. It will not have to be very long if there is a narrative.

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