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Essay I (50%) Minimum 1000 words


Essay I (50%) Minimum 1000 words. No maximum

Evaluate the degree to which the white upper class, the white middle class and the white working class have or have not been allies of African Americans in the Tar Heel State. Can one find any evidence at all for the idea that North Carolina has been the good southern state, especially when one considers the lived experiences of African Americans? What book or books used in this course did you find most helpful in answering this question?

Essay II (50%) Minimum 1000 words. No maximum

Construct a convincing case for the greatness of these African American historical figures from North Carolina: Ann Atwater, Anna Julia Cooper, Bessie Delany and George Moses Horton. After building your case, briefly discuss four ways one or more these notables might serve as role models for you or for others. [You can give four reasons for one person, two for two, one for each and so on. Your choice.]

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