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Homework answers / question archive / Reply to each of the 2 topics with at least 250 words each question

Reply to each of the 2 topics with at least 250 words each question


Reply to each of the 2 topics with at least 250 words each question. reference and citations are needed for each question. 

1.The document "Topic 2 Discussion Question Vignettes" located in the Topic Resources includes two vignettes about learners who are attempting to conduct research and be productive doctoral learners. What are the main differences between these two learners? What are the most significant mistakes made by each of these learners? How can you avoid making similar mistakes?

A third character, Dissertation Diane, was not described in the vignettes but graduated the program much quicker than both Walter and Sally. What do you think Dissertation Diane was doing differently from Sally and Walter that allowed her to successfully complete her dissertation and graduate in a more timely manner? In what ways can you implement those ideas into your practice as a doctoral learner and novice researcher?

2.For successful completion of a doctoral program, doctoral learners must become proficient in using available technology and resources to conduct effective research leading to the completion of the doctoral dissertation. A completed dissertation will require significant time in the online or physical library using numerous search engines to find peer reviewed research that can contribute positively to your research project.

Reflect on your previous process for conducting a search; what resources have you used in the past to locate literature to support written work? Moving forward, how will you use technology to aid in your doctoral level research and what additional resources do you foresee using to find peer reviewed articles in your field of study?

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