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We'll use the genres you suggested in your P3


We'll use the genres you suggested in your P3.2 Project Proposal submission as the examples. Just as with text messages and recipes, and just as explained in the movie genre theory videos, every genre has certain expectations that can either be followed, ignored, or exceeded depending on what you want to accomplish.

We notice these conventions all the time, in writing and in conversation, but don't always study them this deliberately. Part of this project will involve you determining how this kind of genre analysis can help you as you enter new writing situations during college and beyond.


Locate and list three or more examples of the genres you proposed making for your community. Provide links to the examples and answer the following questions in approximately 250-500 words. (The examples you choose here do not have to be the three types of genres that you create for this project.)

  1. In your examples, what major similarities and differences do you notice at first? There may be superficial things about these genres and more substantive features of each genre. Fully explain all that you can analyze about the genres.
  2. How does the community typically react, receive, or respond and how do you anticipate your audience's reaction to your proposed genres? What will they do with the information? Will some of the audience use them differently than others? Are they shared or circulated more than once? Are any of your genres targeting only certain members of the community? If so, explain the specific audience. What is this genre’s role in this community? Explain the context for each genre.
  3. Which genre conventions does each of your genres address? Do any of your chosen genres push back on or subvert the genre conventions? Explain for each genre.
  4. Use this analysis to help you narrow your project to three specific genres, if you haven't already narrowed down. What are those three genres? How does this analysis help shape the creation of your genres in your thinking and planning?

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