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Homework answers / question archive / Provide a 22 pages analysis while answering the following question: Water Pollution in the Arabian Gulf (Persian Gulf)

Provide a 22 pages analysis while answering the following question: Water Pollution in the Arabian Gulf (Persian Gulf)


Provide a 22 pages analysis while answering the following question: Water Pollution in the Arabian Gulf (Persian Gulf). Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Also the three tankers of crude oil were poured in the Kuwait’s port of Mina Al-Ahmadi as a result of the infiltration of combats engaged in Gulf War. This oil spill of 1991 is referred as the largest incident in the history ever owing to the magnitude of its consequences . The Arabian Gulf (Persian Gulf), located between the Iran and Arabian Peninsula, holds considerable geographic and economic significance. One of its prime significances exhibits it to be listed among the top ranked hydrocarbon reserves of the world. This gulf region is often regarded as one of the prime locations for the extraction of oil and planned waterways in the world. The area is rich in water resources and is driven by various gradients. The water of normal salinity enters through different water surfaces into the Arabian Gulf nurturing unique bio diversity in the water region. Before the occurrence of this incident, the water of the Arabian Gulf was considered to have the highest evaporation rate in comparison to the other water sources in the world, adding to its ecological significance .For instance, the oil spill accident of 1991 created severe water pollution along the coastal areas due to which, not only the marine life but also the health of the population was witnessed to be obstructed. It was estimated by the experts that around 700 oil wells were destroyed and set on fire by the Iraqi soldiers . 3. The crude oil and large quantity of petroleum products were released in the water due to the oil spill, which affected the marine life causing water pollution and also created serious hazards in respect to human health. The tidal currents in the sea further carried the crude oil towards the coast of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States affecting the life of many marine birds, which to an extent, also obstructed the free flow of the biological system on the land close to the coastal areas. Around 30000 marine birds were killed due to the crude oil exposure in the Gulf. It was also observed that about 20% of mangroves and 50% of coral reefs were affected due to water pollution caused by the oil spill accident that had a strong adverse effect on the eco system of the region. The most affected areas because of the oil spill were the northern coast of Saudi Arabia and the Bay of Kuwait4. The discussion henceforth thus focuses on the consequences of the oil spill in those areas and the steps taken by the government in the mitigation process of the pollution caused from the incident from a critical perspective. Consequences of Oil Spill on Marine Life around Arabian Gulf Components of the Gulf Coast Oil Spill Crude oil contains many harmful toxic components, which are capable of affecting the marine life causing water pollution and thus, in turn leads to deteriorating human health.

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