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The Correct Strategy for Guest Posting
  • Sep 2021
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The Correct Strategy for Guest Posting

27th September 2021

When you are already into the digital marketing world, you know that one needs to have a hold on certain correct techniques and the correct strategies for these techniques in order to make their content flourish and their business thrive. 

That is what we also have to do for the Guest Posts. Although we need to particularly deal with the strategy for the correct writing of the guest posts, first we need to make ourselves acquainted with what exactly guest posts are, and why they are important.

There have been many techniques that help us out in the search engine optimization process and take our site to the desired end goal. Guest posting or guest blogging is one such technique. 

As a matter of fact, in a short span of time, it has gone to become one of the widely used as well as best search engine optimization practices for any business or website, be it a large corporation or even for an everyday blogger. 

We all think that resorting to digital marketing techniques is the best way to promote your business. But one will be surprised to know that this technique takes time in bearing the desired results. 

The biggest challenge for online businesses is targeting their desired customers and getting their content across to these customers. This is the time when guest posts enter the domain to help put those who need it. 

Guest posting or Guest blogging means the act of writing content for a company or industry other than our own. Usually, the people who offer guests post services, write for blogs that match their industry so that they are able to attract a large audience for their website. 

Although people try at different industries as well, trying for your and excelling in it may give you an upper hand. There are also immense opportunities that Guest posting can offer you, like:

  1. Introduce you to a new Audience: Here, you get introduced to a whole lot of new people who are visiting the site you are writing for. Using this, you understand how that site has been able to gather so many audiences and what exactly excites these people. This way you can work for your own site using this knowledge. 

  2. Build your Brand Trust: If you, representing your brand, provide outstanding content to your audience, then you may gather the audience's trust and faith in your brand and therefore more traffic towards it. Offering great guest posts for other industries tells the people that you are faithful and loyal towards whatever work you take in hand. 

  3. Get you More Backlinks: The more and more you engage in guest post writing, the more backlinks you get for your site. These backlinks are the major factor in working on any website and they increase the SEO ranking of a site. 

  4. Increase Site Traffic: The more and more you go for guest blogging, the more traffic you get for your site. When your article goes on another site, your own site gets a lot of popularity and traffic for a long period of time.

There are a few benefits that guest post writing and guest blogging can provide us:

  1. They help us connect with more important people within our niche and thus build a strong connection with them. Connecting with some famous bloggers as well as influencers will also help you earn a reputation for yourself. 

  2. Most importantly, guest blogging helps you improve your thinking and writing skills. Here, you learn to abide by the demands of each site you are writing for, provide well-researched content to them, and also focus on the structural and grammatical parts of writing. In all these ways, you’re writing creatively after thinking logically. 

  3. Of course, your brand awareness is improved once you start guest blogging since people have started visiting your site through the backlink provided. This way you get a lot of traffic for your site and the ranking of your site also increases.

If you want to make yourself successful through the use of these guest post services, you can do so by following a few things. First of all, start by acquainting yourself with what type of sites you would like to work for and find out whether these sites accept guest posts or not. 

See your competition and make sure that you offer something different to the customers. Also, try to write for sites that are bigger than yours but make sure that these sites are not such that your content gets ignored. 

After you do all this, you need to come up with a pitch for the site you are reaching for. The pitch should be such that the owner is compelled to say a yes to it. 

Your ideas should be devised in such a way that they stand out from others rather than getting lost. A person may sometimes get bored reading the same content time and again, that he craves for a new one. 

Try to think out of the box on certain important subjects. Also, the title should be so catchy that the reader is at least forced to give a glimpse of your work. 

Also, you need to remember that you do not send template emails to every site you pitch, rather customize your emails focusing on the particular site. Lastly, it is important that your pitch is such that it carries with itself its unique identity. 

You as well as your work should try to make an actual connection with other sites. That is only possible when you show who you really are. State your aims and purpose clearly.

Therefore, summing up, the common guest post strategies can be:

  1. Start from the Scratch: This means that you should start your work by first creating a blog for your content, which will be the main place where your content can be accessed. Next, you must concentrate on connecting with bloggers and influencers and build up your network. Also, define your aims and goals in your blog so that people who connect with you or visit your blog get an idea of what they can expect from you. Therefore, you may start connecting with certain bloggers of your niche and reach out to certain influencers in your field. Connections can start through social media platforms or in the form of formal emails sent to each one of them. Do not forget that you have to follow up with the people you have connected to all this while. If you lose touch with people or end up forgetting who you had contacted, you may get lost. People sometimes forget about these mails and contacts since the sites get a lot of them and therefore you yourself should do the follow-up.

  2. Be upfront and Personal: Pouring yourself as well as your companies’ aims and objectives in front of the reader is the best way to start the process of guest posting. It is important that the blogger knows about you inside out, in order to have faith in you. Clarify to him what you desire out of the work you are doing. 

  3. Use Videos: Communicating and expressing yourself through words and images, has by far been the best possible thing that we can do in order to connect more to the audience. Therefore, while going for guest post services, do communicate through videos- post tutorials and reviews on YouTube. If bloggers like your video, there are chances that they may reach out to you, and you may even get backlinks for your site.

  4. Create Downloadable Content: Always post content that can be downloaded and read by the reader, as well as shared with others. The process may be a time-consuming one, therefore, you may give your content to certain blogs, in return for backlinks as well as an author bio. 

Importance of Guest Post Blogging 

There are a number of advantages that you may get from guest post blogging, obvious ones of them are site traffic and search engine optimization. 

You also get to build a strong connection this way and thus benefit from getting backlinks for your site. The purpose of guest blogging is to generate new content for different sites. 

That is why only great guest posts turn out to be successful. These guest blogs are actually free content, and everyone wants to run after free things, and so do these sites. If you host each other's blog, you are actually helping them out. If you are posting on another site, you must also have some guest posts on your site. 

When talking about how Guest blogging is good for SEO, it becomes important to know that all the backlinks that we get because of guest blogging, help us get more audience for our site. 

When users click on a particular link on a particular site, they are directed to the blogger's site wherein the person can read the content in detail. The more and more people reach out to your page, the better it is for your site. Therefore, this happens to be one of the best techniques to work for SEO. 

Hence, these were a few points of basic information on what guest posts are, how they work, how they are written, and how they can help us in search engine optimization so that we are able to gather more and more traffic for our site and increase it ranking in the search engines.



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