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Fun Word Games to Keep Your Brain Sharp
  • May 2021
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Fun Word Games to Keep Your Brain Sharp

5th May 2021

Keeping our brains engaged constantly and stimulating our minds in the right way can help in almost every area of our lives. It’s actually amazing how many words we speak on average each day and the number is estimated to be close to 5,000.

As we grow up and start to put a real emphasis on the progression in our lives and career, the words we use and the vocabulary we convey to people are quite often a reflection of ourselves and our level of intelligence. The words we speak, especially when we first meet someone, will convey what sort of person we might be and give a person that great first impression we all wish to give.

Whether you’re looking to really engage your brain in new ways or are after a bit more fun, word games could be a perfect option for you. There are many word games out there, all with slightly different rules and aims for the players.

Why Should I Be Playing Word Games?

There are many benefits to playing word games and it’s the reason that so many people around the world play these sorts of games on a daily basis. The advantage we all have in this day and age is the technology available to use. We can now play many of the same original games on our phones, tablets, or computer.

They Will Help Me Learn

Constant and consistent progression, even small, should always be a goal for all of us. It’s mad how many little things we pick up on a daily basis that build up and compound over time to add to our skills as a person. Using an anagram solver and playing word games will help you learn new words, new meanings, and expressions you can then use outside of the game.

There are so many words in the English language and being inquisitive will help you learn more and become better overall. If you are studying or looking to bolster your vocabulary, try out some new word games!

Word Games Are Fun

Sometimes it’s nice to just take a break from the usual stuff like sitting on our phones or watching television, to play something different that gets us thinking. Word games are fun because they provide multiple things; competition, engagement, and curiosity.

You might be playing a game and someone comes out with a new word you don’t know, so you look it up and discover something new. Learning is fun!

They Are A Sociable Thing To Do

More often than not most games require at least one other person to play them. These days we get so wrapped up in our own heads that it’s healthy to communicate and spend time with our loved ones as much as we can. Playing games with others will mean you interact and converse, help each other with words and overall have a better time than you would be playing by yourself.

So What Are Some Fun Word Games To Keep My Brain Sharp?


This is an absolute classic and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of or played Scrabble. We’ve been through the benefits of playing word games and also playing them with other people, but Scrabble and its rules are just great.

To score points and beat your opponents, you must attach your words on the board to other words which you have already created. Everything needs to be interlinked and make sense, so there is a lot of thought and care that goes into a successful Scrabble round.

No one else can see your words, you’re in it to win it and are hoping the quality of your words is greater than your opponents. Some letters have better points if you lay them down due to their complexity, so you can be tactical and cunning in the way you play.

Word Of The Day

This one can be played with others or by yourself when you have a little bit of downtime during your day. This can be super fun as it means you have to actively go and search for the word each day. So the way it works is you get a random new word each day, accompanied by the definition and maybe the history or root of the word.

This will help you bolster and widen your word arsenal, giving you an edge over others when it comes to playing games and needing to come up with some awesome new words. You’ll probably be surprised at some of the amazing new words you discover, and can show them off to your friends and family!


Everyone loves a mystery and Hangman combines a fun word game with what starts out as a mystery. In order to stop your figure from getting ‘hanged’, you need to correctly guess all the letters in the word that your opponent has laid out as lines for letters on the page.

For every letter you get wrong, they will draw one stage of the structure that could eventually hang your figure. Once you guess a correct letter they will add it onto the page, and you need to guess all the letters in your word before you get hanged.

Fun, right? But don’t get too settled, as time quickly runs out and this game can be harder than you think. Try to be tactical, think about what correct letters you have accumulated already and try to piece it all together!

Keeping our brain sharp and interest levels high in certain activities will filter benefits into other areas of our lives. Getting together with friends and family to play games will elevate our social skills.

Seeking out your ‘Word Of The Day’ will enhance your research methods. There is a plus to found in so many things we engage in on a daily basis and fun word games are an awesome way of conveying this.

Yes maybe we can’t fight the inevitable with time, but you don’t want your brain to freeze up or slow down too early in life, so try some fun word games to keep your brain sharp!



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