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A step by step guide to writing Press Release
  • Sep 2022
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A step by step guide to writing Press Release

19th September 2022

Mastering the Art of writing the perfect press release as a Public Relations Student or Professional.

Press Releases are Daily Tasks to be performed in the life of a Public Relations Officer. But how do you write an effective one that would catch the eye of the journalist?

It's a huge task to get the attention of a seasoned journalist when it comes to Press Releases. If you do not keep the intent of your press release super crisp, your press releases can end up in the spam folder of a journalist you want to get to.

Whether a student or a professional, if you want to master the art of writing a press release, you must follow this step-by-step guide and ensure you keep the Dos and Don’ts in Mind. 


What is a Press Release and Why is it so important?

Press Releases ( )are usually written for the launch of a new product or service by a brand, to address any emergencies or crisis that needs a media statement to be issued by the company, or just for an event or activity that the company or brand would like to promote and gain attention from the media houses and audience of their product or services. 

Press Releases are the most traditional way and also the most effective way of getting media or journalists' attention without having to pay for it. In this sense, you get your client’s message conveyed to them without bearing any extra cost for the same.

This is the most authentic form of promotion or reaching out to the masses. However, the gatekeepers I.e the journalists do not entertain a poorly written press release. Therefore, you must ensure your press release is on point.


A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing a Press Release:

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  1. Have a Press Release Written on the Company’s or Client’s Letterhead along with a Logo of the same.

  2. Mention ‘For Immediate Release’ at the top right corner of the press release always along with the date of writing this press release.

  3. Mention your details on the left side a few lines below the immediate release mention. Mention your name, Email ID, and Contact Number, along with your Designation at the PR firm or your client's firm or Brand. 

  4. Write a Crisp Title that mentions the most important detail of your Press release in a Short Sentence.

  5. Mention the WHAT of your Press Release in the very first stanza or paragraph of it. What is this press release about? Give most of your important details here without stuffing all of them in the same paragraph. 

  6. Address the When, Where, Why, and How Questions in the next two paragraphs max. Do not stretch it beyond this. 

  7. Mention a little about the main person at your client's brand or company and give a very short list about why they came up with an idea like this etc or how they have tackled the crisis at hand before. 

  8. Give a quick background of their company and what they wish to do further, etc.

  9. If it is an event or launch that requires media presence make sure you add a reminder at the end and ask them to contact you or the client PR team to make reservations or register their media passes for the event in advance. Mention date, time, location, refreshments, etc.

  10. Make sure you add a personal touch at the end and address the journalist with their name or their contribution to your success and insist on their presence. Mention your contact details if you must at the end again and end the press release.


Things to keep in mind while reaching out to a Journalist with your press release. 

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  • you must know the beat the journalist covers and is specializing in. For eg: journalists who cover beats only from the sports industry would not be interested in a fashion brand’s press release.  Therefore you must know the journalists you are reaching out to deal with beats or features of the genre that your client or brand comes from. 

  • It is crucial that your title itself strongly conveys the whole point of your press release. If your title is vague and says little about what it is about, the journalists will not be wasting any time reading it any further. 

  • Make sure you send a reminder mail in case your press release is about an event or product launch and be warm with inviting the media for the same. The press appreciates a PR personnel who reminds them about the event or launch in advance and ensures their comfort and convenience. 

  • Always give a short gist about what your client or company is about and mention basic details about your client or company. 

  • Maintain a healthy relationship with journalists so that a press release from you gets their eye each time and doesn't go unnoticed.

  • A Press Release should not be any longer than a page and a half. No journalist enjoys reading a lengthy press release. 

Example of a Press Release written for Reebok’s Launch of Anti-Bacterial Clothing Range in India. (Note: This is not an actual press release by the brand but it is only an example for reference attached below).



Name: (Your Name)

Email Id: (Your Email Id)

Contact Number: (Your Contact Number)

(Mention your Designation and the company you work for)

For eg: Senior PR Personnel- Edelman India PR Firm.


Title: Reebok Launches first kind Antibacterial Clothing Range.


The athletic-sportswear apparel and footwear manufacturer Reebok announced the launch of the first kind of Antibacterial Clothing Range ‘Reebok Sniper’ today via a Virtual Press Conference keeping in mind the safety norms around the ongoing pandemic situation in the country.

The fitness gear and athleisure range is made out of antimicrobial fabric and is a revolutionary new step in the brand’s technological advancements over the years.

The antimicrobial fabric ensures protection from germs and bacteria that latch onto sweaty sports gear or even day-to-day leisure clothing.

The virtual press conference was conducted in the presence of Mr. Ashish Dikshit (Managing Director of Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd) from the Aditya Birla Group which recently acquired Reebok’s Indian and Southeast Asian distribution and manufacturing rights in partnership with Authentic Brands Group based in The United States.

The conference also witnessed the presence of celebrities associated with the brand in recent years. To name a few- Varun Dhawan, Katrina Kaif, Malaika Arora, and Kangana Ranaut graced the virtual press conference with their presence.

When asked about Reebok Sniper Mr. Ashish Dikshit said, ‘ we are entering a new age of being aware and conscious about the choices we make when it comes to our lifestyle.

The last two years have been challenging for the world and we at Reebok are always striving for solutions.

We have adapted to masking our faces, using sanitizers frequently, and other preventive measures to protect our immunities from the ever-changing dynamic pandemic. However, we must now take a step forward into the future and think about our clothing range too.

All of the preventive measures certainly help but what happens when your apparel gets viruses and bacteria home as a carrier?

I believe Reebok Sniper is going to change the way the world perceives antibacterial clothing. Reebok Sniper will take down any bacteria or germs that latch onto your clothes otherwise.

I can assure you this sniper is the best in the game. Presenting to you- Reebok Sniper- protection redefined and redesigned.

Reebok has previously successfully launched and manufactured sportswear and gears in the specialized categories of fitness, running, and CrossFit sportswear.

Current Brand ambassadors for Reebok India, Katrina Kaif and Varun Dhawan mentioned the benefits of antimicrobial fabric while showcasing a demo of how the fabric is absolutely easy to carry and work out in.

Reebok Sniper will be available at Reebok India’s flagship stores and also online from October 2022.

People can now pre-book the antibacterial clothing range on their official website to grab exciting discounts while also getting autographed Reebok merchandise from Brand Ambassadors Varun Dhawan and Katrina Kaif.



Another Example is Esbeda, a Handbag Brand Launching its New Collection of Handbags.




Name: (Your Name)

Email Id: (Your Email Id)

Contact Number: (Your Contact Number)

(Mention your Designation and the company you work for)

For eg: Senior PR Personnel- Edelman India PR Firm.


Title: Esbeda announces the launch of an upcoming Classic Handbag Collection for Women.


Esbeda announces the launch of ESBEDA: DUSK TILL DAWN, their very new Classic Leather handbag Collection for Women. The collection will notice wardrobe essentials like handbags, sling bags, and clutches to bring luxury and comfort on the same foot.

ESBEDA: DUSK TILL DAWN Collection redefines Luxury, Style, and Elegance. Esbeda offers the discerning woman a collection of exclusive and fashionable bags ranging from formal and chic to evening wear.

A collection that can suit every occasion and add a touch of understated elegance to any outfit on the go.

This brand new collection will be available in stores all across India and also on Esbeda’s online stores.

The collection starts from prices ranging from Rs 800  onwards for clutches, Rs 1800 onwards for sling bags, and Rs 2100 onwards for handbags making it affordable and pocket friendly for all leather-loving women. 

When asked about the brand's new venture, Mr. Mukesh Sangoii, Managing Director of Esbeda/ Intouch Leather House India Pvt. Ltd stated, “Intouch Leather House India Pvt. Ltd first identified the opportunity for a world-class, premium, and hi-fashion accessory range a few years ago.

Since then it has worked ceaselessly to launch and promote Esbeda as a premium fashion brand on par with international labels”.

Further, he stated- “ Esbeda’s Dusk till Dawn Collection is a must-have wardrobe essential collection for every woman who is delighted by leather handbags and accessories, we look forward to the positive response from our customers nationwide”.


 Launched by Intouch Leather House India Pvt. Ltd. ESBEDA first opened the doors of its plush 2000 sq. ft. store to the uber-rich clientele of North Mumbai, in early 2006.

A premium brand of ladies’ handbags and accessories, Esbeda offers the discerning woman a collection of exclusive and fashionable bags ranging from formal and chic to evening wear and bridal wear.

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