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11 Steps Guide What to do When your Google Ranking Drops
  • Oct 2021
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11 Steps Guide What to do When your Google Ranking Drops

6th October 2021

Writers or users take a lot of loads to increase their rankings on google because that is what gets them the most traffic on the search engine. But it sometimes happens that these google rankings may drop down due to certain specific reasons. 

One starts wondering what the reason behind the ranking was going down because then one has to start again from step one. But it is not something that one should worry about because that is the usual pattern on these search engines. 

Obviously, it is not the situation one would like to deal with but there are certain things or steps that one can follow to fix the situation. Therefore, let us discuss what is the reason behind the dropping of search rankings and also how to rectify the situation:

  1. The first step to going for the rectification is to analyze the reason for such a drop. Before one goes to take action for raising their site’s rankings, they need to track their rankings daily to see whether the graph is going up or down. The reason behind tracking your rankings on a daily basis is that google makes numerous algorithm changes a year that is equal to 3200 which is a bit more than 8 algorithm changes in one day. Therefore, the only option left for you is to keep a track of your rankings on a daily basis. For this, you will first have to go to ‘Ubersuggest dashboard’ and thereafter click on ‘add your first project’. The step is as simple as adding something in your URL, next you select the locations where you do business and form where you want traffic. Your next task is to add the keywords that you currently rank for or wish to go after. After that, set up your preferences for the traffic. Remember that you select daily rank tracking, and you also turn on mobile rank tracking. After these steps, you will get a mail notifying you whenever your rankings go up or down since you are not goi8ng to check your rankings every day. Along with this, when you log in to your ‘Ubersuggest dashboard’, you will see that your site has been updated with your current ranking trends. 

  2. It sometimes happens that one’s site gets penalized after one has done some inappropriate tasks like buying links. If your site is found guilty of any of these activities, you should take the steps to first identify the problem and then fix them. There may be times when you have not done any such activities and still you have got a penalty. This would happen because of the incredibly complex updates in Google’s algorithms. Each day Google may come up with a new algorithm and maybe your site goes against these algorithms and may thus get penalized. Google takes hundreds of factors into consideration while giving ranks. Changes in these factors may also result in changes in your rankings. To understand this, we must know that there are two types of penalties that google gives – manual penalty when a site breaches its quality guidelines by inappropriate practices and algorithmic penalty which happens when google updates its algorithms. Manual penalties can be a result of having unnatural links or maybe someone has reported your site as spam. In such a case, google notifies you through Google Webmaster Tools. On the other hand, algorithmic penalties are difficult to track because there is no fixed way of knowing that you have got one. There may be chances that your activities may not be liked by the google algorithm and thus you might have got a penalty. 

  3. Recent website changes may also be a reason for the drop in the ranking. Therefore, the issue must be discussed within the team, and site activities must be closely monitored. 

  4. Sometimes, Google may also be facing technical issues indexing and crawling your site which may prevent google from receiving the information it requested for. Thus, it may not be able to rank and index your site. 

  5. Along with the algorithm update, Google may also change its search engine's result pages layout by adding certain other elements. Therefore, one must always keep a track of the searcher's behavior and keep a look at what the SERP returns for your queries. 

  6. One of the most obvious reasons for this may be website hacking. Therefore, you must immediately take control of your activity on your website and take measures to fix it. 

  7. One of the biggest reasons for your ranking going down is the problem that your site link can offer. Links are the best way to gain authority over these search engines. Therefore, a strong link profile guarantees a high ranking. There are several sites that face a lot of link problems that the industry is not aware of and thus its rankings may go down. Because weak links provide an ultimate loss to search engine optimization. Therefore, it becomes important that you make sure your link is strong enough. For this, you can first conduct a link audit of your site. For this purpose, there are various tools that may tell you where your bad links are. Once you find such links, contact these sites and request them to remove the link. 

  8. Losing a link can be yet another reason for a decrease in your site’s ranking. There is a high possibility that one can lose internal links even if they are too content, one already owns. This can usually happen when one redesigns my, rebrands, or relaunches his site. It may happen that if you deleted an old blog post then links to that post will surely not work. This may in turn weaken the internal linking structure of your site and leave an impact on your ranking. After this, you will have less content on your site or else you will have to fix the link. Another reason why one can use another link is due to faulty redirects. This may happen because of a 301 redirect, which is a permanent one, but people assume that this redirect will always work. Also, if you get a new domain and your older domain expires, this could result in a huge loss in traffic because the 301s do not work any longer. Therefore, you need to fix these issues for which you need to find the target links where your 301 is going. If they are not found, then you will have to remove the link. One can also use the old content backup or create new content to keep the link on the page. 

  9. If none of the above options work then you might have to turn towards improving your site which includes working upon the speed, design, and user experience, each of these is central to the performance of any site. 

  10. Great content is what earns great guest posts this tag and also offers more traffic to the sites which offer such guest post services. Therefore, the content on your site should be up to the mark and of the best possible quality that could function to offer every possible detail to the readers. Another popular strategy, in this case, can be to expand your content that already ranks well. For this purpose, you can expand the number of keywords that you are using in your work so that your site appears in most of the searches. Therefore, add relevant keywords in your content and just don’t try to fit them out of the box. They should have a natural flow and make sense to the readers. 

  11. Changes by Google, in search intent and behavior, may also result in a drop in ranking. Sometimes, one keyword may result in one kind of search result and sometimes another. 

Competitions can also be a reason behind these drops in rankings and therefore one must always keep themselves updated. This is what certain sites, which offer guest posts services do, in order to earn more traffic for their sites, through the use of their great guest posts by a few of their excellent writers.



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