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Homework answers / question archive / 1)A good rule is to write so that a person just like you can understand the message

1)A good rule is to write so that a person just like you can understand the message


1)A good rule is to write so that a person just like you can understand the message.


  1. In many business situations, adapting to your readers means writing on a level lower than your own.


  1. Adaptation of writing means writing in the simplest language possible.


  1. Using familiar words means using the language of normal conversation.


  1. In adapting writing to a wide range of educational backgrounds, one should write for those in the middle.
  2. Readability research supports simplifying writing.



  1. It is good to use unfamiliar words in business because they help readers improve their vocabulary.



  1. Because the short words tend to communicate better than the long ones, you should prefer them in your writing.



  1. You should use the short words because all the long ones are difficult.


  1. Although they may be misunderstood, some words not in the reader's vocabulary should be used as a device to gain his or her respect.
  2. The heavier the proportion of long words to short words, the harder the writing is to understand.



  1. Only the truly technical fields such as engineering, physics, accounting, and computer science have a technical language.


  1. Because they are so widely used and well known, legal words should be used freely in business communication.


  1. Because technical words are difficult to understand, they have no place in business writing.


  1. Of the parts of speech, the noun is the strongest.


  1. Verbs are stronger words than adjectives.



  1. Abstract words are fuzzy and vague.



  1. Words that stand for things the reader can see, feel, taste, or smell are abstract.


  1. To say “very early Saturday” is more concrete than "Saturday at 3:30 a.m."


  1. Verbs are at their strongest when skillfully cast in passive voice.



  1. Passive voice has a definite place in business writing.



  1. It is stronger wording to say "appraise" than to say "make an appraisal."



  1. In passive voice, the subject receives the action.



  1. Active-voice sentences are stronger than passive-voice sentences.


  1. To write, "make an investigation" generally is preferable to "investigate."
  2. Much of our idiom (the way we say things) has little rhyme or reason.



  1. Two words that stand for the same thing may not have precisely the same meaning in one's mind.



  1. Even though such words as tired, weary, and exhausted can refer to the same condition, they do not mean the same to all people.



  1. It is a more acceptable idiom to say, "listen at" than "listen to."



  1. All idiom (the way we say things) is based on a clear system of logical thinking, which the writer should learn.



  1. As the pronoun he is classified as generic (refers to both sexes), one can avoid charges of sexism in writing by using it to refer to either sex.


  1. One effective way to avoid sexism is to use plural pronouns.



  1. If a statement is true, it cannot be discriminatory toward a member of a minority group.


  1. In those rare cases in which minority membership (black, Hispanic, etc.) is a vital part of the message, it is appropriate to write this information.


  1. The language of this sentence discriminates against women: "A good secretary organizes her work carefully."



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