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Homework answers / question archive / Analysis of a journal article   Please answer all of the questions below with reference to your article

Analysis of a journal article   Please answer all of the questions below with reference to your article


Analysis of a journal article


Please answer all of the questions below with reference to your article. Use the same format in your report. Just copy and paste the sections and questions into your report and then add your answer after each question.



Title of the journal article

  1. Is the title sufficiently specific?
  2. Is it reasonably concise?
  3. Are the primary variables referred to in the study?
  4. Does the study identify the types of individuals who participated?
  5. Is the title free of jargon and acronyms that might be unknown to others?


The abstract

  1. Is the purpose of the study referred to or at least clearly implied?
  2. Does the abstract highlight the research methodology?
  3. Are the highlights of the results described?


The introduction section

  1. Does the author begin by identifying a specific problem area?
  2. Does the author establish the importance of the problem area?
  3. Are any underlying theories adequately explained?
  4. What is the main purpose of this study?
  5. What is the hypothesis?


The literature review section

  1. Is the literature review critical?
  2. Is current research cited?
  3. Has the author identified gaps in empirical research relating to the topic of this study?
  4. Has the author avoided the overuse of direct quotations from the literature?


Research design

  1. What research design is used?
  2. What are the independent and dependent variables?
  3.  Was approval granted from an ethics or human subjects committee for this study to be conducted?



  1. What type of sampling was used?
  2. Is the rate of participation reasonably high?
  3. Is there any mention of similarities or differences between participants and non-participants?
  4. Has the author described relevant demographics of the sample?
  5. Has informed consent been obtained?
  6. Overall, is the sample appropriate for generalizing?


Instrumentation used

  1. What measurement instruments were used?
  2. Have the actual items/questions (or a sample) been provided?
  3. For published instruments, have sources where additional information can be obtained cited?
  4. Does the author discuss obvious limitations of the instrumentation used?
  5. Is evidence of reliability and validity of the instrumentation?


Experimental procedures used

  1. Were any experimental procedures used? If no, go to the next section. If yes, please answer the following questions:
  1. If two or more groups are compared, were individuals assigned at random to the groups?
  2. If only a single participant or a single group is used, have the treatments been alternated?
  3. Are the treatments described in sufficient detail?
  4. If the treatments were administered by individuals other than the researcher, were they properly trained and was there a check to see if they were administered properly?


Analysis and results section (only answer this section if it was a quantitative research study)

  1. What types of statistical tests were used?
  2. What are the main statistical results?
  3. If any differences are statistically significant and small, has the author noted that they are small?
  4. Does the author refer back to the research hypotheses, purposes, or questions originally stated in the introduction?
  5. When there a number of related statistics, have they been presented in a table?


Analysis and results section (only answer this section if it was a qualitative research study)

  1. Were the data analyzed independently by two or more individuals?
  2. Did the author seek feedback from experienced individuals and the participants before finalizing the results?
  3. Did the author name the method of analysis used (e.g., grounded theory) and provided a reference for it?
  4. Are the results adequately supported with examples of quotations or descriptions of observations?
  5. When appropriate, are statistics reported (especially for demographic data)?


Discussion section

  1. In the case of a long article, does the author briefly summarize the purpose and results at the beginning of the discussion?
  2. Does the author acknowledge specific methodological limitations?
  3. Are the results discussed in terms of the literature cited in the introduction?
  4. Are specific implications discussed?
  5. Are the results discussed in terms of any relevant theories?
  6. Are suggestions for future research specific?


Putting it all together

  1. In your judgment, has the author selected an important problem?
  2. Does the report extend the boundaries of our knowledge on a topic?
  3. Are there any methodological flaws unavoidable or forgivable? Explain.
  4. Is the research likely to inspire additional research?
  5. Is the research likely to help in decision-making (practical implications)?
  6. All things considered, is the report worthy of publication in an academic journal?


On a scale of 1-5 (1 being unsatisfactory and 5 being very satisfactory), rate the article.



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