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Assume you are the new manager of a local company


Assume you are the new manager of a local company. The name of the company should be your last name, followed by your company's industry. For example, Smith's Widget Company. In addition to demonstrating your managerial skills during the interview for the position, the Vice President of Human Resources (HR) was impressed with your positive and charismatic attitude. The HR manager convinced the President that the company needs your skills to help rescue failing sells the company has been experiencing over the last 6 months. In the three weeks since you began with your new company, you have noticed the low morale and low motivation levels in your department of 15 employees. After approval from senior management, you plan to meet with your team to share changes that will take place in the company over the next few months. One of the changes the employees will be most interested in will be the implementation of a rewards program. Rewards will be the based on feedback from the employees' job performance. Using the expectancy theory and the goal-setting theory as two sources of information, you will create a PowerPoint presentation to brief your employees on the new rewards program and how they can qualify for a reward.

1. How will you evaluate employees' job performance?

2. How often will you evaluate employees' job performance?

3. Will your reward system be individual or team-based?

4. Will full-time and part-time employees be eligible for reward?

5. What type of rewards will you offer (gain-sharing, ESOP, or some other reward)?

6. As you close your presentation, what will you share with your employees about what you hope the new rewards program will do for their morale and motivation?

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