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Homework answers / question archive / This term paper should be a culmination of all you have learned in this course

This term paper should be a culmination of all you have learned in this course


This term paper should be a culmination of all you have learned in this course. You will be required to conduct original research and develop arguments by integrating course concepts from the readings and lectures. Your paper must:

(1) Be between 2,500 and 3,500 words (not including references)

(2) Use 12-point Times New Roman font (double-spaced)

(3) Conduct research using academic sources (i.e. academic journal articles and books)

(4) Use APA Style formatting (



(5) Include in-text citations and a bibliography of referenced materials


(1) Choose a social/environmental issue related to business

Some general examples: Climate change; Gender or racial inequality; Income inequality; Reconciliation in Canada; Working conditions/labour issues; Animal Rights; Pollution; Intellectual property/patents; Food desserts; Indigenous sovereignty and land development; Corruption; Decriminalization and regulation of cannabis; Fast fashion

*If you have an idea for a topic that isn’t listed, that is totally fine, just speak to me about it first so I can make sure that you are on the right track

**You can make your paper as broad (e.g. climate change) or as specific (e.g. carbon emissions in the Canadian Oil Sands) as you like. In general, it is easy to narrow down your topic to something a bit more specific since it allows you to be more precise with your arguments.

(2) Write a paper that addresses the following:

Part one:

Explain the issue. Please include:

Why is it important? (Why should we care about the issue)

How does the issue relate to business? 

What assumptions of capitalism are relevant to this issue? Why?

Part two:

Describe the key stakeholders around the issue. Include:

How these individuals/groups impact/are impacted by the issue

How these individuals/groups have tried to address or fix the issue

Part three:

Pick any two debates we covered in class (CSR, shareholder/stakeholder, short-term/long-term, corporate power) and explain how and why they are relevant to the issue you are examining? Explain your answer in the most convincing way possible.

Part four:

What changes need to be made to address this issue in the future? In your section, please include:

The integration of course concepts

The role that businesses and other stakeholders in implementing these changes

The possible obstacles or constraints to implementing these changes

How these obstacles might be overcome

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