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Homework answers / question archive / Lisa is currently in her senior year of high school

Lisa is currently in her senior year of high school


Lisa is currently in her senior year of high school. She has to wake up each day at 5 a.m. in order for her mother to get to school on time. She begins each day with a very specific routine.

Lisa must shut her alarm off the second it goes off and get out on the left side of her bed. She then begins her shower, shampooing her hair twice and leaving the conditioner in for exactly two minutes that she times. After that she must dry off in the same way and fold all towels to be left in a very strategic order and height in the bathroom. Before she gets dressed, she must iron all of her clothes leaving no wrinkle in them, which even the items her mother bought her that are advertised wrinkle free. She then proceeds to put the clothing items on in a very specific way.

To do her hair, she must brush her hair for 25 minutes and dries parts of her hair in a certain order with a hair dryer. After that, she ties her sneakers and reties those 10 times to make sure she won’t trip. Just recently her mother began doing her make-up since if one thing was wrong, Lisa would break into tears and have to take another shower and start her routine all over again. When Lisa skips a step or does things out of order, she becomes upset, scared and nervous.

Lisa’s mother remembers this pattern of following a specific routine began shortly after her husband, Lisa’s father had a car accident on the way to work when she was a freshman in high school. He was hurt very badly and Lisa started to do a lot of things in specific routines, redoing things if it wasn’t just right.

Paper Requirements

 at least 3 sources (one should be DSM-5) within the past 10 years

?      Select a diagnosis (define, explain what it is, etc.)

?      Write up the DSM-V criteria for how the individual fits the diagnosis

?      Summarize the criteria and discuss where in the situation the individual displayed the symptoms

?      Identify common forms of treatment and pros and cons of each

?      Discuss the individual’s prognosis (the likely course or development of the disorder)

?      Discuss other disorders we considered 

?      Identify common forms of treatment and pros and cons of each

Ok so basically i need 2 pages of treatments for ocd and the pro cons of these treatments im trying to upload my stuff but it is giving me hard time

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