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Homework answers / question archive / California State University, Northridge KINESIOLOG KIN 337 Quiz #1 on ch

California State University, Northridge KINESIOLOG KIN 337 Quiz #1 on ch

Health Science

California State University, Northridge


Quiz #1 on ch.1

1)A certified personal fitness trainer is responsible for the immediate care and treatment of injuries in the athletic setting.

2.            One of the duties of a team physician is to serve as an advisor to the athletic trainer, coach, and athlete.

3.            In a high school setting the school nurse has the responsibility for recognition of sports injuries.

4.            The team physician must have authority in determining the status of an individual who wishes to participate in the athletic program

5.            The athletic trainer is responsible for all phases of health care in an athletic environment except

6.            Which of the following members of the sports medicine team should be consulted for problems and lesions on the skin?


7.            Which of the following individuals assists athletes with coping mechanisms following an injury?

8.                            Seeing that the protective equipment is of the highest quality, properly fitted, and maintained is the primary responsibility of the:

9.            The American College of Sports Medicine is the national organization that sets standards for the certification of athletic trainers.

10.          It is the team physicians responsibility to determine an athletes health status using a physical examination

11.          Which statement BEST describes what an athletic trainer does?

12.          Which one of the following may be considered a health care provider?

13.          In the absence of a certified athletic trainer a coach must be able to do all of the following except:

14.          Which one of the following definitions best describes the field of "sports medicine"?

15.          The focus of the fitness professional is to improve an athlete's level of performance


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