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Homework answers / question archive / Chapter 12: China’s Commercial Revolution, ca

Chapter 12: China’s Commercial Revolution, ca


Chapter 12: China’s Commercial Revolution, ca. 900-1276

Reflection Requirements

For each chapter in the textbook reading, complete the following assignment and upload it to the corresponding chapter folder under Discussions and Private Messages on Laulima.


Please title your file with your name and the dominant issue, theme, or historical process on which you’ve chosen to reflect (the topic related to Step 3).


            e.g. Adam Witten – the Agricultural Revolution and its continuances


A Reflection has three components. To earn a full score, address each of the following components, properly labeling them within your composition.


Step 1)

Make a list of the most important developments in the chapter, including key information for those developments. Pay particular attention to specific individuals, interactions, processes, events, technologies, and discoveries.


You may compose this section as bullet points or in complete sentences; however, this section should not just be a list of key terms. If it fails to illustrate your comprehension of the material it will receive a zero.


Step 2)

Pose two questions you have, based on the reading, that you could answer by doing more reading/research. These questions should be distinct from the discussion questions I have asked.


Step 3)

Pick one of your own questions (from Step 2) and follow up on it, providing a discussion of the information you found through an outside source or sources. In your discussion of that information, make it very clear how that information adds to your understanding, addresses your own question, and builds on the chapter, as a whole. 


Remember to cite your source.


In terms of the quality of sources, this is a college class. Use academic and/or credible sources. 

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