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Homework answers / question archive /   Question1)Describe some attempts made toward providing universal health care in U

  Question1)Describe some attempts made toward providing universal health care in U

Health Science


Question1)Describe some attempts made toward providing universal health care in U.S. history. In what ways have they or have they not been successful?



Question2. Explain in particular how health care is impacted by economic globalization, information revolution, and corporatization.









Question 3Describe the major methods of reimbursement for outpatient services.


Question5. What are the main characteristics of primary care? Discuss the gatekeeping role of primary care.



Question 6. Describe the RAND Health Insurance experiment and the Moral Hazard. What were some of the positive and negative outcomes of this study? How do findings of the RAND Health Insurance Experiment reinforce the relationship between growth in third-party reimbursement and increase in healthcare costs? How did the RAND study contribute to “demand-side” incentives for competitive cost containment?

Question 7. What is Medicare Part A, Part B, Medicare Advantage and Part D? Discuss the financing and cost-sharing features of each. What benefits does each cover? What benefits are not covered? Discuss threats to the future of Medicare (including the issue of Medicare trust funds).


Question 8. In general, discuss how technological, social, and economic factors created the need for health insurance.  What conditions during the Great Depression and through the postwar period lent support to employer-based health insurance in the United States?

Question9.  Briefly describe the concepts of market justice and social justice. In what way do the two principles complement each other and in what way do they conflict in the US system of healthcare delivery? Describe how health care is rationed in the market justice and social justice models.

Question 10.  Explain differences between medicine (clinical health) and public health. What is the role of health risk appraisal in health promotion and disease prevention? Explain some major impacts public health efforts have made on the health of Americans.

Question 11. Provide a brief overview of how technology influences the quality of medical care and quality of life. Discuss the relationship between technological innovation and healthcare expenditures. What impact has technology had on access to medical care? What are potential impacts of technology on access to care in the future?

Question12.  Define determinants of health and describe how Blum’s Force Field works in explaining health. Does this model coincide with any of the definitions of health discussed in this class? Apply Blum’s Force Field (or any similar ecological health model) to a health problem or disease.

Question 13. What are the major distinctions between primary care and specialty care? Why is there a geographic maldistribution of the physician labor force in the United States? Why is there an imbalance between primary care and specialty care in the United States? What measures have been or can be employed to overcome problems related to physician maldistribution and imbalance?


Question14.  According to the Institute of Medicine, what are the four main components of a fully developed electronic health records (EHR) system? What are the main provisions of HIPAA with regard to the protection of personal health information; which provisions were added under the HITECH law? Describe meaningful use and its impact upon adoption of new technologies.



Question 15.  Discuss the roles of efficacy, safety, and cost effectiveness in the context of health technology assessment. Give examples. Why is it important to achieve a balance between clinical efficacy and economic worth (cost effectiveness) of medical treatments?



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