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some assistance with these assignment


some assistance with these assignment. quality and safety management: duties and powers of the cdm coordinator and proposed changes Thank you in advance for the help! More than in any other field, there are very high risks of the workers being injured during the course of their duty, since they interact with machinery directly. There are many safety issues involved in the construction industry, which are not completely predictable (Summerhayes, 2008 p95). Thus, the construction industry is an industry where health and safety measures are essential, to protect the welfare of the workers. Nevertheless, it is apparent that the health and safety of all workers in this industry, or in their respective construction sites cannot be taken as a responsibility of any single individual. Therefore, all the people involved in construction work have the responsibility of taking precautionary measures, which will enhance their health and safety (Hope, 2013 p2). The CDM coordinator has several duties and responsibilities, among them that of ensuring that the safety measures of the construction site are adhered to, to ensure that the place of work is safe for all workers. The other duties and powers that the Construction Design and Management Coordinator have include advisory, informative, coordination, and liaison.&nbsp.

First, the CDM coordinator is charged with the responsibility of offering advice to the clients. regarding the construction project in question (Construction Confederation, 2007 p15). A CDM coordinator is only involved in notifiable projects, which refers to those projects which take longer than 30 days to complete, or those that take more than 500 person-days (Hope, 2013 p7). It is the responsibility of the client to appoint the CDM coordinator, who in turn offers the necessary advice regarding the project to be undertaken, with regards to health and safety issues in the project construction site. The CDM coordinator offers the client advice on the necessary and sufficient health and safety risk management issues, which ensures that the project being undertaken and the design at hand complies with the provisions of the design and the designers, as provided under CDM 2007 (Hope, 2013 p10).

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