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Homework answers / question archive / Question 1)Local boards of health are legally constituted entities charged with protecting and promoting the health of their communities

Question 1)Local boards of health are legally constituted entities charged with protecting and promoting the health of their communities

Health Science

Question 1)Local boards of health are legally constituted entities charged with protecting and promoting the health of their communities.







Question 2

One of the ten core health department functions is to mobilize community partnerships and action to identify and solve health problems.







Question 3

Since the ACA’s creation of the Prevention and Public Health Fund, the Fund has been exclusively devoted to improving public health.








Question 4

Public health and private medicine remain interdependent in endeavors such as disease surveillance, infectious disease contact follow-up, disease registry maintenance, vital statistics reporting, and participation in community health education campaigns.







Question 5

One of the tenets of public health ethics is that public health organizations should rely upon affiliated organizations to assess the competence of public health professionals.







Question 6

The H1N1 influenza pandemic of 2009 overloaded healthcare systems, depleted stocks of medical supplies and equipment, and disrupted society through travel bans, event cancellations, and school and business closures.









Question 7

Less than 1 in 4 adults annually in America are affected in a given year by a diagnosable mental disorder.







Question 8

In reference to managed care reimbursement for mental health services, "carve-outs" are defined as the delegation of responsibility for care and financial risk to external vendors.







Question 9

Throughout the first half of the 20th century, mental illness treatment was largely based in inpatient institutions.







Question 10

Current and evolving research is demonstrating that psychiatric disorders are biologically-based illnesses requiring specific, targeted treatments.







Question 11

Psychiatric diagnosis and treatment in older adults may present special challenges due to the existence of other medical conditions and patients' tendency to minimize complaints about mental status.














Question 12

In relation to insurance coverage for mental health services, the term "parity" is best defined as requiring that:


Insurers cover mental health services at the same level as medical care.


Insurers charge the same premium for a health insurance policy, whether or not mental health services are included.



All hospitals provide the same high quality care to psychiatric and medical patients.


All health insurance policies cover the costs of drugs used to treat mental illness.



Question 13

The "human services sector" of the mental health delivery system is best characterized as consisting of: 


Primary care doctors in office-based practices.


Social services agencies, school-based counseling services, residential and vocational rehabilitation services, criminal justice system-based services and religious professional counselors.



Public clinics staffed by psychiatrists and psychiatric social workers.


Voluntary self-help groups.



Question 14

Mental illness results in enormous direct and indirect costs to individuals, families and society. Indirect costs are defined as the costs of:


Diagnosis and treatment in outpatient settings.


Reduced and lost productivity due to premature death, incarceration, and the time required by individuals providing family care.



Pharmaceuticals to treat mental illness.


Residential treatment.



Question 15

The following are components of a national long-term care strategy except:


Education and Awareness.








Healthy Aging.



None of the above.



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