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Homework answers / question archive / Writing the Implementation Plan on your chosen topic (Why do we need solar energy?) As you prepare to present your plan for implementing your project, you will find that your coursework in Managing Projects and Strategic Planning will be extremely helpful

Writing the Implementation Plan on your chosen topic (Why do we need solar energy?) As you prepare to present your plan for implementing your project, you will find that your coursework in Managing Projects and Strategic Planning will be extremely helpful


Writing the Implementation Plan on your chosen topic (Why do we need solar energy?)

As you prepare to present your plan for implementing your project, you will find that your coursework in Managing Projects and Strategic Planning will be extremely helpful. By doing this assignment for your Final Project Report, you will be providing a blueprint to stakeholders with the power to implement your idea.

This will be the final and most compelling evidence that your chosen topic (Why Do We Need Solar Energy?) is a good idea and subject matter. In order to make your case as persuasive as possible (that is, with the strongest evidence possible!), you will include a project plan that includes all of the components necessary for implementation. Furthermore, you will demonstrate that you have anticipated the challenges involved and can recommend ways of overcoming them and implementing your idea successfully.

Begin with a SWOT Analysis

The logical place to begin your plan is with a SWOT analysis that enables your reader to assess information about your starting point. The SWOT analysis consists of identifying facts about the organization or the policy-making body as strengths or weaknesses; and facts about the external environment as opportunities that can be taken advantage of, or threats to which the entity would need to respond defensively.

You can make these judgments about whether internal realities or external forces will affect the project positively or negatively in light of the project's goals. What will work for it and what will threaten its success? Where is there more control over eventualities and where is there little or no control over what happens? All of this information and your evaluation of its role in making a decision to take on your project are the starting point of the implementation plan. They demonstrate your ability to evaluate available resources and capabilities, understand the implications of environmental dynamics and the unpredictable actions of others, and provide an implementation team with a clear view of what can be done to increase the likelihood that the project will succeed.

Based on your research, you should have a good idea of what implementing your project will require. In addition, you want to help your reader understand how to avoid the pitfalls and overcome the challenges that are inherent in implementing your solution. You should have had occasion to think about many of these in the course of doing your research.

The primary purpose of this assignment is to explain how your solution to your plan can be implemented by an organization or policy-makers with the power to implement it. This is the component of your final deliverable that you would provide to senior leadership, anticipating their questions about implementing your plan. The earlier sections of your paper serve to support the ideas and decisions put forth in your plan. In this assignment, you make use of the information and best practices derived from your research, but also the principles and skills you have acquired by completing the courses in your program. (Approximately ½ to 1 page)

Your assignment should include the following:

A restatement of your chosen topic: Why do we need solar energy? and a brief description of how the organization or the policy-making entity comes to be dealing with it. You should make as clear as possible how the change or innovation you propose will address the problem. You should also explain why the circumstances in which the problem arose or developed will not impede the implementation and success of your solution. (Approximately ½ page)

The specifics of your project plan. It should identify the goals and objectives of the implementation; a time line during which action steps toward reaching those goals should be accomplished; and the people or organizations that should be responsible for achieving them. Naturally, this cannot identify specific dates or individuals, but you can nonetheless tie action steps to duration (e.g., 2 weeks, 3 months, etc.). Moreover, you can assign responsibilities to people in particular jobs or roles that you feel might reasonably take responsibility for accomplishing the step (e.g., Director, Chief of Staff, Congress, etc.). (Approximately 1 to 2 pages, not including additional charts, schedules, etc.)

A plan for evaluating the extent to which goals are achieved, and the criteria by which success will be measured. What will count as evidence of the fact that a goal has been achieved? Remember that there is a difference between putting the action steps of a plan into place, and realizing the objectives for which you put them into place. For instance, a civic engagement initiative might identify as an action step "holding a voter registration drive in the town square every Saturday." The evidence that the goal has been achieved does not lie in presenting proof that there were actually volunteers in the square every Saturday. Rather, the proof of success is the number of voters that these volunteers registered. (Approximately 1 to 2 pages, not including additional charts, schedules, etc.)

A discussion of the financial aspects of the project. You may be able to provide a sample budget for the implementation that shows revenue of all types, expenses, capitalized items, and indirect or administrative overhead, as applicable, as well as any explanatory notes that will make clear the nature of the item and the basis for budgeting. Naturally, you can only speculate what costs and potential revenues might be if your project is implemented in an organization. It is even less likely that you will be able to pinpoint costs if you are focusing on a policy initiative. However, at the very least, you should include a discussion of the financial implications of your project. These may include funding sources, return on the investment in implementing your project, and other financial aspects of your project. (Approximately ½ to 1 pages, not including additional charts, schedules, etc.)

A longer-term plan following implementation that looks up to five years ahead, and describes how the program will grow, evolve, change. This should include the points along the way where monitoring, evaluation, and revisions to the plan will take place. (Approximately ½ to 1 page)

Any comments on contingency planning or decision-points in an implementation of your project, which will help management, implement it as successfully as possible. Like any project, yours will include necessary trade-offs among time, costs, and outcomes. Your ability to anticipate when such trade-offs will be necessary in the implementation of your project will be of immense importance to those who manage it. (Approximately ½ to 1 page)

Write for Key Stakeholders

Write some important information that stresses the importance of your plan for the key stakeholders you hope to persuade to implement your project. Presumably, the stakeholders affected by the problem you have chosen to address will have an interest in your solution to the problem. However, they may have varying levels of interest, and see the problem as one that more or less urgently needs attention. More importantly, they may be divided in their opinions of where the solution lies. Build an implementation plan that takes into account the interests and concerns of stakeholders in the problem and solution you are addressing. Reflect in your implementation plan the stakeholder interests you identified in defining the problem and measuring the effectiveness of your solution. . (Approximately ½ to 1 page)

Create an Evidence-Based Implementation Plan

As a final check on the quality of your implementation plan, you should review research on your chosen topic to be sure that your plan incorporates what you have written there. The likelihood that the implementation will be successful increases to the extent that it builds upon the results of the research you have reported in your literature review in your chosen topic (Why do we need solar energy?). You will also want to be sure that the research design for testing the implementation and its effects assures the reader that the implementation can be effectively tested and monitored. (Approximately 1 to 2 pages).









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