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Homework answers / question archive / write an article on The Causes and Impacts of Child Poverty

write an article on The Causes and Impacts of Child Poverty


write an article on The Causes and Impacts of Child Poverty. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Inadequate benefits for the jobless people also make them wallow in poverty because they are forced to make do with the little that they are offered. For example, getting 65% of the amount they were supposed to receive is a big blow for any of the needs they might have wanted to fulfill.

Poverty destroys childhood, children deprived of the most important things in their early life. They end up lacking education as well while some may be forced into crime at an early age as a means of survival just because they are unable to achieve their needs.

Families are broken because of poverty as they cannot guarantee each other survival so it means everyone breaks away to find a means of survival that could include prostitution for the mother and crime for the husband. The children having been deserted could end up in the streets in the alleys as well.

Entire communities are faced with problems due to poverty as they cannot control the rate at which the members of their society turn to crime as a means of survival. And since there is no proper education, they cannot even dialogue to have a way forward with their problems.

Richard Wilkinson analyses data and shows the things that might go wrong when the gap between the rich and the poor is too large. He finds that trust, life span, and health are threatened by the huge gap between the high-income earners and the low-income earners.

The local authorities are active in the quest to try and end child poverty as their reports show that they have been reducing the poverty in children annually in a bid to eradicate it completely. If the program is sustained, there is a high chance that the rate of poverty in children will be greatly reduced.

Reducing the educational attainment gap has become a major goal where the fight against poverty is concerned because education is the key that can aid the elimination of poverty as most people would agree.

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