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Homework answers / question archive / Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the politics of pain by eula biss

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the politics of pain by eula biss


Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the politics of pain by eula biss. According to Eula Biss, the concept of zero is much newer as compared to the concept of Christ. Eula Biss also states that both the concepts are confusing being developed in ancient times, certainly in a different social and economic scenario. However, the concept of zero is much more confusing than the concept of Christ, as argued by Biss. As revealed in this article, she believes that the absence of pain from human life is not at all possible. Due to this reason, Biss has compared pain with that of zero. According to Biss, zero does not exist as a number, just like that the absence of pain is not possible in human life. In accordance with this belief, she quotes that “Zero is a number in the way that Christ was a man” (Biss 171). Similarly, as zero cannot be added or subtracted with the other numbers, pain also cannot be removed from one’s life. Biss also opposes saying that she is not a mathematician rather she is trying to grade her concept of pain on a scale of zero to ten. During her grading of pain on a scale of zero to ten, she has represented zero as that point wherein the water freezes. Likewise, zero is the point where the pain becomes that particular aspect, which cannot be removed or erased. Accordingly, Biss fundamentally explains the point of zero with an interesting example of a chicken. If someone holds the neck or body of the chicken, it tries to run away and cries due to excessive pain and fear. On the other hand, if the chicken is held by its feet and turned upside down, it does not cry or try to run away. It represents that the chicken does not have a sense of pain at a point of zero i.e. if turned upside down by tying up its feet (Biss 171-183).

While writing the article “The Pain Scale”, Biss mentioned the example when she had sat alone in an exam room of the hospital and observed the scale of pain with two phrases written on it. One of the phrases was “under zero: no pain” and the other was “under ten: the worst pain imaginable”. Biss states that her father had said that often the incidents, which are expected to be painful, are not. One of the examples to prove this fact is that often the person who is starving for death does not have any kind of physical or mental pain. Going through the article of Bisson on the subject of pain, it was further observed that she had quoted the phrase “No face, no pain?”.&nbsp.This was quoted by Biss as she felt that a crying baby can be determined as in the most painful situation.&nbsp.

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