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Homework answers / question archive / You are the CIO and leader of the committee to select your organizations next EHR

You are the CIO and leader of the committee to select your organizations next EHR


You are the CIO and leader of the committee to select your organizations next EHR. Using the reading:  (Gaynor, M., Noblin, A., Rusnak, M.,  Rusnakova V., and Yu, P., Health Information Technology, in Global Health Management, A. Press, Editor. 2018.) and other resources pick the EHR that you think will best fit your organization. I would suggest you use a table like I present below for each example. I will allow you to select any EHR, but suggest you limit yourself to the following choices:  Athenahealth, EPIC, eClinicalWorks, and Cerner.
The following are the organizations:
Leading Academic Medical Center: This system needs to be cutting edge for patient care and research.  Interoperability is important, but not the driving factor in the decision. Cost is also not a big concern. Examples of these type of Centers are the hospitals in the Harvard system or the hospitals associated with Washington university.
Leading Private Hospital System: This system needs to give the best patient care.  Cost in important but so is quality of care, interoperability, integration with business aspects of the hospital, ease of use, and training are important factors in the decision.  Mercy in the Mid-west and Intermountain in the west are examples of this type of system.
Small group of family MDs in a small town: This system is for a small office that is not affiliated with a larger hospital.  Cost and patient care are the most important aspect. 
An EHR for the European Union so care providers and patients can access their medical records in any EU country. This is a huge ambitious project to keep a interoperable medical record across the EU.  Interoperability is the most important factor with this installation. Experience with large distributed EHRs is also important.  The only example that is close to this is the medical record of the VA and DOD in the US.

There are many questions to consider in this evaluation. I would suggest using the matrix below, which is not inclusive. Justify your choices!

Here is an example of a simple matrix, feel free to extend this.
EHR Comparison For XXX


Ease of Use






Standard Based



Integrate medical devices and sensors









Reputation and Experience









Patient Care



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