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Vishal Industries Ltd


Vishal Industries Ltd., is a medium sized engineering factory employing 250 employees. The Factory


Manager advised the Personnel Manager of the company to select a right man to fill up the vacancy

of a "Time-Keeper". The Personnel Manager inserted an advertisement for this post in prominent

local newspapers and received a large number of applications although specific job description and

job requirements were embodied in the advertisement. After preliminary screening of applications,

the Personnel Manager selected only 6 applications out of 197 and sent them "Application Blank" for

collecting their detailed information. On receipt of Applications and on further scrutiny, it was

observed that two candidates were age-bared, although they had a good experience at their credit

and one candidate had a suspicious personal life. The Personnel Manager therefore selected only 3

candidates and sent them call-letters for a personal interview on a stipulated date. Only two

candidates out of three appeared for the interview before the Interview Panel consisting of three

interviewers. The panel had therefore to take a decision on selection, either of Mr. Tukaram Patil or

Mr. Girish Mahajan. The personal traits and merits of these two candidates are as follows : Mr.

Tukaram Patil, a young man of 30 years, has worked for a year in the Time Office of a reputed

company. He is an exceptionally sociable, amicable individual who enjoys mixing with employees. His

verbal skills are average. But he has a good degree of hardness. He can sit late in office and prepare

payrolls of employees and complete the checking of pay sheets a day before the actual date of

payment. He does not demand extra remuneration or over-time for sitting late hours in office. He is

a good sportsman also and has worked as a secretary of a sports club. A glaring weakness as

revealed during the interview is that Mr. Patil's memory is not strong and he may forget a task

assigned to him. But he is straight forward and frankly accepts his limitations. Mr. Girish Mahajan, is

also a youth, aged 25, and has a good personality, above average communication skills, but at times

is "rough" in dealing with people. His clerical and computational skills are excellent. He does not, on

his own, mix with people or takes part in extracurricular activities. He joined a textile mill as a clerk in

the Time Office and was promoted to the post of Assistant Time Keeper within a period of 5 years.

He is against the principle of sitting late in office. His sense of time keeping, punctuality is good and

regular. He feels that attendance of employees must be posted in the regular register on the same

day and pay sheets must be kept ready on 1st of every month and sent to A/c Department. Similarly,

he prepares PF/ESI statements and returns in time and submits the same to respective Government

authorities in time. However, Mr. Girish Mahajan is short tempered and at times he also had heated

arguments with managerial executives. He limits his existence to his working table and if anybody

unconnected with the time-office work comes near his table, he loses his temper.

Questions :

1. In terms of overall capabilities and job requirements, whom will you recommend out of the two

candidates, in your capacity as a Human Resource Manager?

2. What are the criteria of your decision?

3. In case the other two members of the interview Panel differ from your decision, how will you

convince them?

4. As a HR Manager , what will you do to improve the interpersonal relations in the organization?

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