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Homework answers / question archive / Section II - B (12 marks) 10

Section II - B (12 marks) 10


Section II - B (12 marks) 10. You have recently graduated from Sri Lanka Technological Campus and looking for opportunities to continue your higher education abroad. You see the following advertisement published in a newspaper and decide to find more details about the opportunity. Write a formal email to the given e-mail address in the advertisement below requesting more information. The word count is 150 words. In your e-mail, O Write a short description about you and your academic background Mention about the Masters programme that you are interested in Enquire details about the scholarships . 6 PL/EX/02 REV:00/00.00 Southern Cross University Sydney Melbourne Perth INTERNATIONAL STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS Now accepting applications for 2020 Are you eligible? APPLY NOW SCHOLARSHIP CONDITIONS: Available for the application from citizens of ocuntries in South Asia Southeast Asia • The International Student Scholar cly avalable for 2020mbare date • Available for tunits acclying to study in Soutem a V CECU Sydney Moibourne and Pitth Application deadline 31 December 2020 Up to $2,800 OFF ENQUIRIES: of speak to your local Educo representative +61 2 8599 1620 on first year's tuition fees CHO

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