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Homework answers / question archive / Write 9 pages thesis on the topic is american society getting better or worse

Write 9 pages thesis on the topic is american society getting better or worse


Write 9 pages thesis on the topic is american society getting better or worse. The state has brainwashed Americans into tolerating mediocrity and hold others guilty. Today it is believed that mediocrity is neither the person’s mistake nor the government rather the culprit is someone who is doing well.

Obama’s justification of why the economy is still in a recession is a prime illustration of the aforementioned point. He has accused tsunami, Japanese nuclear plant explosions, natural catastrophes, the former president, tax reductions, tax increases, the indolent American public, the stock exchange, Wall Street, capitalist economies, burdens of war, Chinese currency, and countless other factors. However, he never held himself accountable. He never admitted to the bare truths. In reality, it is their economic strategies and disruptive political activities, which have directly ensued in rising unemployment and economic disasters.

Another integral reason for the degeneration of American society is the lack of true education based on morality and ethics. Humankind has not registered any considerable changes over the years. Humans have always been inclined towards humanity, generosity, and surrendered personal needs for the well-being of others. Undeniably, humans are more capable of feeling, caring, and empathizing with others. However, like all creatures, humans need to be taught the difference between right and wrong.

Nowadays, people have grown distant from religions, the purity and commitment of marriages have vanished, vows can be conveniently broken and children are mercilessly aborted. Our morals have deteriorated to the point that individuals kill without any guilt or second thoughts. Instead of taking advantage of modern technologies, people are ruining themselves. For instance, the number of pedophiles has never been this high. The Internet has shown the true side of society.&nbsp.Never have children been so ignored, as parents are extremely busy making money.

No generation had as many resources as ours but they are only destroying our lives. With the internet, we can ruin our lives with a single mouse click.&nbsp.

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