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Homework answers / question archive / Write 2 pages with APA style on Anxiety in Medically Ill Children

Write 2 pages with APA style on Anxiety in Medically Ill Children


Write 2 pages with APA style on Anxiety in Medically Ill Children. The argument by the author is based on the research findings that are indicated in the article. In conclusion, the author addresses vital issues existing in the treatment of psychological diseases which are also important for both patients and doctors. In fact, little or no research has been conducted to develop the standards of the severity of the disease. Therefore, there is not a conclusive finding or a premise to which the disease can be compared or used to treat the disease. The article covers the issues that have attributed to the finding illustrated and offers suggestions to support treating the disease.

Pao, M., & Bosk, A. (2011). Anxiety in Medically ill Children/Adolescents. Depression and Anxiety, 40-49.

The article by Pao and Bosk addresses anxiety with respect to sick children and adolescents. The article focuses on the impact of anxiety disorder on ill children. The focus of the article is on anxiety which is a common reaction but targets medically ill children as the scope of the research. The impact of sickness and its contribution to Anxiety disorder is the subject of the article. The authors state that chronic medical illness is a risk factor for the development of anxiety disorders. It may occur as a secondary event resulting from secondary biological mechanisms that may be related to the child’s medical illness. In fact, other issues may affect the medically ill child and contribute to the development of anxiety disorders. These issues include parental anxiety resulting from the child’s situation. In conclusion, the article addresses important issues in handling medically ill children with respect to anxiety disorders.

Sauter, F. M., Heyne, D., & Westenberg, M. (2009). Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Anxious Adolescents: Developmental Influences on Treatment Design and Delivery. Clinical Child & Family Psychology Review, 310-335.

The article by Floor M. Sauter, David Heyne, and Michiel Westenberg cover the vital issues that affect the young. The article focuses on the effect and treatment of anxiety among younger children. The authors address the issues using various methods and illustrating the importance of involving peers in the process to make it effective. From the article, several findings can be deduced that is important. Anxiety disorder is common and disruptive as such the need for cognitive behavior therapy. The therapy I vital because it addresses several issues associated with mental development while also addressing the personal issues that affect the development of the various approaches in treatment. In line with the treatment, the authors address language, material, and activities as main items in the therapy. However, they address the issues based on the age of the patients, which is a vital aspect of the treatment process. The difference between the supportive and directive treatment of anxiety disorder is addressed in simple and illustrative terms. In conclusion, the article addresses the impact of cognitive behavior therapy in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

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