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Homework answers / question archive / I will pay for the following article The Story of Helen

I will pay for the following article The Story of Helen


I will pay for the following article The Story of Helen. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. When Helen started telling her story, I realized that she looked like a person that had been through a lot in her life and her experience made her avoidant. First, she felt uncomfortable telling her story to an almost unknown person. however, in some time I realized that she was happy to share her experience with somebody in order to help someone to avoid the same experience that she had.

She met Josh when she was 17 years old and he was her driving instructor, he was 25 years old. As far as Helen grew up in quite a rich family, she was used to receiving expensive gifts and wanted her boyfriend to provide her with full financial support, so that she wasn’t forced to work in order to earn money for life. Josh seemed to love her and she fell in love with him too, however, she always placed her own interests above everything. She realized that Josh wasn’t able to provide her with full financial support as her parents did, so she started constantly blaming him for not being a “real man”. He got used to the fact that if he wanted to be with Helen, he had to earn more money to preserve her love and their relationships, so he became obsessed with his job. Josh and Helen started spending less time together and he became suspicious about her. He thought Helen was cheating on him, so he started tracing her phone and became very jealous and controlling.

When Helen was telling this part of her story, she noted that that time she was flattered by his attention and thought that his jealousy was the feature that proved his love to her. However, when she found out about him tracing down her phone calls and messages, she felt like something was wrong and whatever their relationships were standing on wasn’t good. However, she was so attached to their bond, so she started thinking that there would never be any other man that would love her, so abandoning Josh would mean being lonely for the rest of her life. Now Helen realizes that that time was the exact moment when she had to abandon those relationships, even though she risked to stay alone forever (which wouldn’t be so anyway).

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