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Homework answers / question archive / Paper II  To begin, carefully re-read your scholarly article on “religious identity

Paper II  To begin, carefully re-read your scholarly article on “religious identity


Paper II

 To begin, carefully re-read your scholarly article on “religious identity.” Now find another scholarly article on how many people are compelled to cover up their religious identity. Synthesize the main points of the two articles as you answer the following question:

Question Begin by answering these questions, “What is religious identity? Does a religious identity create a cultural identity?” Now, write an argument that establishes your opinion about why and how people have to sometimes hide their religious identity. Remember to provide evidence from the scholarly articles to support your argument.

What is religious identity?

Religious identity thus refers to “a people’s ways of relating to their religion, including their association with a certain religious community, the strength of their belief in the preferred religion, and their ways of demonstrating those beliefs in their day to day lives.” It can be equated to membership to a religious grouping or community, this being regardless of the person’s religious activity or participation. It may be referred to as a specific type of Identity formation focusing mainly on group membership and the importance of the membership as pertaining to self-conception of the individual. Similar to either cultural or ethnic identities, the religious context provides generally a perception from which to view the world, a set of principles of guiding one’s lifestyle and the myriad of opportunities available of socialization with different people, generational differences regarded.  It also refers to how individuals develop their personal sense of religious and/or spiritual identity over the course of their lifetimes. Researchers often equate religion with the concrete rituals and behaviors of traditional, established religious institutions, as well as with official denominational doctrine. Alternatively, spirituality becomes synonymous with one's personal faith and ethical beliefs, including private behaviors such as prayer and personal morality. However, there is a lack of consensus among researchers as to the inclusive scope of religious identity (e.g., behavior and belief), or to the driving force behind religious identity development. Many prominent psychological theorists argue that religious identity is learned within family and community contexts (e.g., nurture), while others theorize that religious development is genetically driven (e.g., nature). This entry aims to address the debates on religious identity origins (e.g., nature vs. nurture), religious identity development from childhood to adulthood, and cultural contexts of religious identity development.


Does a religious identity create a cultural identity?”

You will begin by writing a rough outline. This will help you organize your thoughts. Check (Submit with the final copy.)

  • Be sure to cite all the sources in your paper. Use your handbook or the above site to help you with this.
  • Be sure to have a clear tentative, thesis statement as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.
  • Remember to stay away from using personal pronouns like “you” and from using your personal story as the main source of evidence. If you have a great story to share, by all means share it but wait until you have established your argument and supported it with evidence from literary and scholarly sources. Share your story in the paragraph before your conclusion.

Underline, boldface, or italicize the thesis statement.

  • Please remember that this is a discovery draft that you are working on at this stage, a work in progress. You will submit the completed rough draft to your group for peer-editing on the date marked on your schedule. Following peer-editing, you will work on the final version of the paper and turn in the peer-edited rough draft and the final copy for a grade on the date on your schedule.
  • The final paper will be at least 5 pages in length, double-spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12.
  • Please remember that no papers will be accepted if the above steps have not been followed.
  • The final copy will on be on the top. Please be sure to title the essay.
  • Attach a sentence outline developed from your rough outline
  • Your argument must offer evidence from the scholarly sources suggested to you during library orientation as support for your claim.
  • Use the MLA format to document evidence.
  • Use Nail That Connection to connect at least two quotations from two different sources.

In addition to Nail That Connection, be sure to use other methods of “synthesis.” According to

Synthesize means that you combine information in a way that could coherently and effectively present your ideas or opinions. In assignments where you are required to synthesize sources or ideas, combine the sources and ideas and organize them in a way that is appropriate and approachable to your readers.



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