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Homework answers / question archive / Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses cultural characteristics of china

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses cultural characteristics of china


Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses cultural characteristics of china. An organization is made up of stakeholders, who come from the communities in which it operates. The culture of a country or a community influences how stakeholders engage in business transactions and their value system. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the management and leadership of an organization to ensure that its strategies are aligned with the cultural values of its stakeholders for sustainability and performance purposes. Cultural values influence how best employees can be best managed to achieve high productivity. They also affect how consumers, community and shareholders relate to an organization. Therefore, cultural values determine the relevance of a business enterprise within a given market.&nbsp.Chinese cultural values that influence business include guanxi, reciprocity, harmony, trust, long-term orientation, communitarian culture, neutrality, and particularism. Guanxi is a Chinese concept referring to the personal relationship between two individuals. Guanxi is derived from Confucianism’s collectivism and relational culture. In China, guanxi is an informal obligation that every member is expected to follow to maintain relationships in business or social contexts. It facilitates the creation of close-knit ties that influence business transactions between individuals. Guanxi is built on mutual commitment, loyalty, and obligation. Therefore, healthy relationships and teamwork among employees of an organization are founded on mutual commitment, loyalty, and obligation.&nbsp.The sustenance of guanxi among the Chinese is achieved through reciprocity. Although the principle of reciprocity is universal, it has a particular salience as a Chinese cultural value. As such, Chinese organizations in a business relationship are obliged to benefit from their transactions. Business transactions in China usually occur when parties involved are certain of benefiting. Guanxi collapses when there is no reciprocity. Long-term orientation is another cultural value in China that may be used to the advantage of an organization. China has a high score of continuity. Chinese are long-term oriented, indicating that once the business relationship has been established between two organizations, it is hard to be broken. Furthermore, loyalty is a key cultural value in China that every Chinese is expected to have. This value can be used to strengthen and improve the relationship between suppliers and an organization. Suppliers have to meet their mutual agreement with their customers to sustain their relationships. Similarly, the long-term orientation among the Chinese is a positive attribute that enables companies to avoid high employee turnover. Trust is a crucial value in Chinese culture. The long-term orientation and guanxi demand trust between two parties transacting business. Suspicion prevails among Chinese people. Therefore, they are suspicious and cold towards strangers or people outside their groups or families. Family members, relatives, friends, workmates, and classmates among other spheres have the trust of the Chinese. Trust must be reciprocated to be sustained among the individuals. Dishonesty and the lack of reciprocity destroy long-term relationships, which are nearly impossible to reestablish when it is broken. The need for trust in China is a lot of malpractices such as adulterations of goods. Trust and long-term relationships are used as a means of protecting businesses from such opportunistic behaviors.

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