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Homework answers / question archive / Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: Old School Research

Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: Old School Research


Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: Old School Research. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Environmental Pollution Pollution is the process of establishing harmful waste product into the natural atmosphere. It results in antagonistic changes. Pollution can be in the form of noise. harmful chemical substances, light or simply heat. Foreign substances or naturally occurring contaminants that are the main components of pollution. There are seven main causes of environmental pollution. these are thermal, visual, land, air, light, and water pollution (Peirce, 42).

Land pollution

This is the process where human beings do misuse resources and improperly disposes waste leading to land degradation of the earths surface. There are several forms, which land pollution can occur. This includes spilling of oil, using of farming chemicals, illegal dumping in the natural habitat areas, nuclear accidents and radiation spilling, loitering along the road and damages caused as a result of mining (Best, 31).

Land pollution leads to deforestation, destroying the natural habitat that is occupied by wildlife and damages to the natural resources. This result too many negativities such as degradation of the country’s economy. Therefore, people should avoid the possible causes of land pollution. This will result to an attractive, clean environment (Peirce, 64).

Water pollution

This is the contamination of water bodies. As a result, it leads to the death of aquatic animals and leads to health complications in human beings. Some of the reasons that are leading to water pollution include, emptying of sewage and dumping of harmful substances to river streams, Waste pills from industries that lead to contamination of underground waters (Best, 65). Others are biologically related such as bacteria cloth and therefore, water should be treated before being consumed.

Air pollution

This is the contamination of air by emission of smoke and other harmful gases such as sulphur and nitrogen. Air pollution results to health complications such as asthma. The causes of pollution are nuclear accidents, exhaust fumes emitted by vehicles and the burning of fossil fuels.

Light pollution

Improper lighting in communities that result in visibility of stars and planets at night leads to light pollution. These are street lightings shining their light in all directions rather than directing their light towards the streets and the unnecessary lighting in homes. Effects of lighting lead to disrupting the sleeping cycle and corrupt kids curious nature (Peirce, 88).

Thermal pollution

Increasing of temperatures due to human activities leads to thermal pollution. These are the areas with vehicles and concretes or generally, a busy town this can also be because of excessive emission of carbon to the atmosphere by the industrial activities, thus, damaging the ozone layer. Increased temperatures lead to the death of aquatic animals and disrupt growth of plant life (Best, 80). Therefore, temperatures should be regulated.

Visual pollution

These are generally things that are unattractive that leads to damage of the landscape. Examples are skyscrapers blocking mountains, carvings founds in rocks and trees, and litter. Visual kind of pollution is usually annoying and depressing.

Library experience

Manual searching in the library is a tedious and difficult exercise since a lot of time and energy is used while trying to find the required book. It is different from online searching (Peirce, 100). Nevertheless, it is a better exercise since it builds one confidence. This is during the interaction with the librarians and other members working in the library. It enhances socialization, as one is open to more information, and ideas. This is because before you get the actual required content someone’s reads other content that is helpful. It results to self-fulfillment and happiness when one accomplishes his or her task successfully in the library.

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