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Great Vehicle branch of Buddhism


  1. Great Vehicle branch of Buddhism. The focus is on reverence for Buddha and for bodhisattvas. Emphasizes compassion and salvation.
  2. School of Mahayana Buddhism that emphasizes enlightenment through intuition and meditation.
  3. School of Buddhism that focuses on the Lotus Sutra which is mainly about salvation through the attainment of becoming a Buddha.
  4. Principle disciple of Gautama Buddha.
    Responsible for a lot of the spreading after the death of Gautama Buddha. Received mind to mind transmission from the Buddha.
  5. Pureland sect of buddhism.
    Beliefs center around Amida Buddha and the promise of being reborn into paradise to all of his followers upon his attainment of enlightenment.
  6. King who renounced his kingdom become an ascetic. A savior figure for all the people. Stated that all his followers would be reborn into paradise.
  7. Sect of Buddhism that believes the unspoken and untaught wisdom of the Buddha can be attained through mudras, mystical syllables, and yoga.
  8. He is the kitchen god. His image is hung over the stove and he watches over the domestic affairs of the family.
    Every chinese new years, he ascends to the Emperor to report all the good/bad deeds of the family.
  9. Goddess of mercy. A Bodhisattva.
  10. The "Laughing Buddha" Known for his happiness, plentitude, & wisdom of contentment

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