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Homework answers / question archive / that part of a brand that can be spoken, including letters, words, and numbers

that part of a brand that can be spoken, including letters, words, and numbers


  1. that part of a brand that can be spoken, including letters, words, and numbers.
  2. the elements of a brand that cannot be spoken (nike "swoosh")
  3. the vavlue of company and brand names
  4. the brand name of a manufacturer--such as Kodak, La-Z Boy, and Fruit of the Loom. Also known as "national brand" but this term is not always accurate.
  5. a brand name owned by a wholesaler or a retailer (private label, store brand). Walmart's Great Value brand; Walgreens sells Walgreens brand products.
  6. a brand manufactured by a third party for an exclusive retailer, without evidence of that retailer's affiliation. For example, Private Selection is Kroger's line of products designed to meet consmer desire for upscale brands.
  7. using different brand names for different products. Ex: Procter & Gamble targets different segments of the laundry detergent market with Bold, Cheer, Dash, Dreft, Era, Gain, Ivory Snow, Oxydol, Solo, and Tide.
  8. Marketing several different products under the same brand name. Jack Daniel's family brand includes whiskey, coffee, mustard, playing cards, and clothing lines.
  9. Placing two or more brand names on a product or its package. Three common types of co-branding are ingredient branding, cooperative branding, and complementary branding. example of ingredient branding: Procter & Gamble has developed Mr. Clean Disinfecting Wipes with Febreze (a scent) Freshness.
  10. The exclusive right to use a brand or part of a brand. A service mark is a trademark for a service. Some examples of trademarks:
    -Sounds, such as the MGM lion's roar.
    -Shapes, such as the Jeep front grille and the Coca-Cola bottle
    -Ornamental colors or designs, such as the decoration on Nike Tennis Shoes
    -Catchy phrases, such as Nike's "Just Do It!"
    -Abbreviations, such as Bud, Coke, or The Met.
  11. Identifies a product by class or type and cannot be trademarked.


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