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Homework answers / question archive /   Access 3 Skill: Supporting Ideas & Opinions     Define Write definitions for the following terms in your own words

  Access 3 Skill: Supporting Ideas & Opinions     Define Write definitions for the following terms in your own words



Access 3

Skill: Supporting Ideas & Opinions




Write definitions for the following terms in your own words.


Ideas and opinions:






Textual Evidence:



Relevant Details:






Complete each opinion in the first column by writing a persuasive word or phrase on the line.  Then, match the facts and details in the second column that best support each claim with relevant information.



Relevant Information

  1. Leafy green vegetables are the _____________ healthy food.


The upgrades to this new model provide more data storage and faster download times than the older model.

  1. The third book is the ______________ in the series.


The new model uses twice as much water per load than the old model.

  1. Purchasing my new tablet was ____________ worth the expense.


Records show that the temperature has increased by an average of 3 degrees each day.

  1. It’s ______________ warmer this summer than last summer.


This book won three top honors for literature last year.

  1. This dishwasher is _____________ efficient appliance the company has produced.


Spinach provides us with vitamin K, vitamin A, calcium, and potassium.




Read the claim in the first column. Write evidence from the article, “Unsolved Mysteries of History,” (under lesson 4 assignments) that supports it in the second column.  Remember to cite the evidence correctly. (Please do not provide links.  Write out the quote from the article).



Evidence (Quote from the Source)

  1. It is more difficult to find out about the real King Arthur than the origin of his legend.


  1. The author does not think Geoffrey of Monmouth is a reliable source about the real King Arthur.


  1. Stories about the legendary hero, King Arthur, are still told by people in modern times.


  1. There is not enough evidence to prove that a King Arthur led the Britons to victory at Mount Badon.


  1. Although many Welsh clerics wrote about a warrior named Arthur, their work cannot be trusted.






Prewriting Questions:

Write opinions you have about whether it is important to believe in legends like King Arthur (Not necessarily King Arthur, but legends in general) in the first column. Then write evidence you could use to support that opinion.  This might require research. Use citations or quotes / textual evidence from sources.  Remember to include persuasive language in addition to relevant details and evidence. Be sure to fill in the table with 4-6 opinions, with each having relevant details and evidence from a source. Use MLA citations for sources.



Relevant Detail and Evidence




















Write at least five sentences giving your opinion about whether or not people should believe in legends like King Arthur.  Use at least one of the pieces of relevant evidence you listed above in each sentence.  Remember to explain why the evidence supports your opinion and to use academic and persuasive language.














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