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5. Cyst formation by certain protozoa permits

            a. Survival in the arthropod vector.

            b. Enhanced reproduction by the protozoan.

            c. Passage through the stomach acid.

            d. Using carbon dioxide as an energy source.


16. An amoeba produces a disease of the intestines that begins with watery stools but, if left untreated, will cause bloody stools to develop as digestion of the tissue by the organism reaches the underlying blood vessels. This disease is

            a. PAM

            b. Giardiasis

            c. Amoebiasis

            d. African Trypanosomiasis


29. The treatment of multicellular parasites generally consists of

            a. Penicillin therapy

            b. Large doses of sulfonamide drugs

            c. Reducing worm burden.

            d. Treatment with antimony compounds.


39. The life cycle is the least complicated for which one of the following parasites.

            a. The pinworm Enterobius vermicularis

            b. The fluke Schistosoma mansoni

            c. The tapeworm Taenia solium

            d. The liver fluke Fasiola hepatica


44. Hardened shells that form around the larvae of many roundworms and flatworms are called   

            a. Copepods

            b. Scolexes

            c. Proglottids

            d. Cysts



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