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Homework answers / question archive / A) Choose a film: A star was born   B

A) Choose a film: A star was born   B


A) Choose a film: A star was born


B. CHOOSE one character in the film or television show for whom you have adequate information to make a DSM-5 diagnosis: Choose the main Character (Jack) Bradley Cooper 


C. WRITE. The paper will have Three sections (and a reference section). Each section has four or five parts. These are numbered and explained below. Depending on the character you choose, you may have more or less to say in one or another of the parts. 

You are expected to respond to each part.

 PART I: Introduction, Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis 

1. Describe in one paragraph the behaviors, character, and main issues related to their psychological functioning. 

2. 2 . Apply the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria to develop a provisional diagnosis. Give That Diagnosis, complete with any modifiers, both the name and ICD 10 codes 

3. 3. Explain and justify your diagnosis giving specific details and examples from the film.

4. 4. Provide a differential diagnosis – list at least three possible additional disorders (therefore, at least 4 total), but can be more, if warranted. Explain why the character (to the best that we can tell from the film/TV show) does not have these diagnoses.

5. 5. What do you still want to know? Explain and justify what questions you would ask (And to WHOM would you ask these questions – could be more than one person) and what other information (of any type) you would need to know to confirm this diagnosis.


 PART II - LITERATURE REVIEW: Write a literature review on the disorder you diagnosed for the character: In this section, you will provide a discussion/summary of the research you have done on the disorder you diagnosed for the character. Your research should be specific to the particular ethnicity, gender, psycho-social situation/background of this character. All research must come from peer-reviewed journals and other scholarly sources. Use course readings only when appropriate. 


1. What is the historic knowledge? 

2. What is the state-of-the science? 

3. What are the options for treatment of this fictional patient/character, - including medications? 

4. Develop a suggested intervention strategy based on your research. This intervention strategy must be multi-faceted. Include psychopharmacology (if indicated – you will not be responsible for discussing dosing strategies), psychotherapy approach to treatment, and/or other interventions. Note which treatment professionals/therapies should be involved, and for how long. Be detailed in your suggestions. 


4 PART III: Discussion


 1. Discuss how the film/TV show portrays an individual with the identified disorder – is it accurate? What do you find is missing, out of place or contradictory to the main diagnoses you have assigned? 

2. How does the film deal with mental health treatment (if any)? Are there any myths or misconceptions about mental health portrayed in the film? 


3. How does the chosen character’s personal characteristics, cultural background, socioeconomic status, family support, etc. impact both the psychological issues and/or their recovery?


 4. Give examples of a social worker’s role(s) in working with a client who has this disorder. Include what work settings you might encounter such a client, what role(s) you might play. Be specific. PART IV: References - - AND -- PAPER DEADLINE, STRUCTURE & SUBMISSION: a) 


Paper should be no less than 5 and no more than 8 typed, pages in length. This does not include any appendices or the reference list. b) All submissions must be written in APA style and include a cover sheet (also formatted in proper APA style). An abstract is not required. c) Paper must be submitted via Blackboard Safe Assign using the link that provided there.

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