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Homework answers / question archive / Name: Kayla Smith Structuring Argumentative Essays: Aristotelean Model   1

Name: Kayla Smith Structuring Argumentative Essays: Aristotelean Model   1


Name: Kayla Smith

Structuring Argumentative Essays: Aristotelean Model


1. What is your research question?

“How Has Technology Significantly Played a Role in Society During the Pandemic”


2. Where do you stand on it?

Technology has had a positive and negative role in the society we live in since the pandemic and for my position paper, I will be looking at both of these two sides and compare them.


3. What are the possible reasons/evidence you can use to support your argument?






· Healthcare aspect- to spread awareness and come up with a cure or vaccine

· Education aspect- to promote social distancing by enforcing online classes

· Job opportunity aspect- to create more jobs and careers

· Healthcare aspect- technology is taking over

· Education aspect- many students are not learning but rather trying to get work in on time and will do everything to get a perfect school especially if it involves cheating and technology makes it highly possible.

· Job opportunity- technology and robots are taking over human jobs


on p








4. What could be the possible counterarguments against your notion?

My main argument is going to focus on the positive of technology in the pandemic then for each claim, I am going to have an opposing side with evidence to back it up.


5. How would you counter these?

Basically, the research I have been working on, but the order is going to be different as this is a position essay, and I don’t necessarily have to pick a side because I can be neutral but I think I am going to pick the positive of technology just so my writing structure would be balanced and make more sense.



6. What could be a possible conclusion?

Technology use has reached its peak due to the covid pandemic; a lot of adjustments has been made to people’s lifestyle and the cost of living has gone up. Even though there are a lot of positives with the pandemic, there are negative to balance it out like many people losing their jobs causing them to be unemployed, likewise technology has caused for more jobs to be created.

Position Essay Prompt

Position Essay

2750-3000 words

Course Learning Objectives Assessed

1. Identify and explain the role rhetorical appeals and the rhetorical triangle can play in non-fiction print and/or multimodal texts.

2. Create and sustain across one or more pieces of writing a focused research question that responds to an exigent issue, problem, or debate.

3. Compose cogent, research-based arguments, in print-based and/or multimodal texts, for specialist and/or non-specialist audiences.

4. Locate, accurately cite (through summary, paraphrasing, and quoting) and critically evaluate primary and secondary sources.

5. Demonstrate knowledge of writing as a process, including consideration of peer and/or instructor feedback, in one or more pieces of writing from initial draft to final revision.


Now that you have selected a topic, developed a research question, and placed sources in conversation with each other, you will make your own contribution to the conversation. While you have prioritized others’ voices, in this essay, you should focus on your own voice. That is, you should be doing more of the explaining and reasoning. You will still do a great degree of writing with sources,  summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting  to support your points and provide evidence. But ultimately, make sure that you have several points to make of your own. Develop and support a thesis statement that answers your research question in a complex, insightful way that demonstrates your deep engagement with this research process.

Number of Sources

As in your Annotated Bibliography with Synthesis, you should have a minimum of six sources, at least three of which should be scholarly journal articles. You may have more, but any more than eight sources suggests that you are not engaging deeply with those sources that you have. No more than two of these sources can be primary sources. If you are unsure about what might count as a primary source, ask me! In general, something published in a magazine or journal is a secondary source.

Citation Guidelines

As we have discussed, any information that is not your own must be cited within the text and the Works Cited page. Quotation marks should be used any time you are using language that is copied from your sources. Information should be cited according to MLA or APA style (or another style guide approved by the instructor)

Formatting Guidelines

Double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins on all sides

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