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Homework answers / question archive / In Sickness and in Wealth" to the Covid-19 pandemic

In Sickness and in Wealth" to the Covid-19 pandemic

Health Science

In Sickness and in Wealth" to the Covid-19 pandemic. Read this short Vox article published in April 2020. Keep what you learnt in the film in the back of your mind. The author of the article discusses a number of reasons why different groups are affected differently by Covid-19. How do these relate to the information from the film? coronavirus-deaths-economy-layoffs-inequality-covid-pandemic Discuss In your first substantial post, comment on the article. What do you find particularly compelling? Can you add any insights based on the Social Determinants of Health you learnt about last week, or the effect of inequality you learnt about in the film? Optional: can you find articles published later on in the pandemic that put more light on this topic? Include links in your discussion if you find any.

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