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Homework answers / question archive / Hawaii Medical College CPT 100 Section Review 9

Hawaii Medical College CPT 100 Section Review 9

Health Science

Hawaii Medical College

CPT 100

Section Review 9.1

1)Where does the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide take place within the lungs?

a.            Bronchioles

b.            Larynx

c.             Alveoli

d.            Windpipe

2.            What protects the trachea from food or liquids entering?

a.            Larynx

b.            Glottis

c.             Voice box

d.            Epiglottis

3.            How many lobes are in both lungs combined?

a.            6

b.            3

c.             2

d.            5

4.            What is the major muscle used during respiration?

a.            Intercostal muscles of the ribs

b.            Diaphragm

c.             Abdominal muscles

d.            Chest wall or pectoral muscles

5.            What is also referred to as the “windpipe?”

a.            Bronchus

b.            Larynx

c.             Trachea

d.            Glottis

6.            Which of the following is not one of the four organs of the lymph system?

a.            Spleen

b.            Thymus gland

c.             Tonsils

d.            Bone marrow

7.            What is the term for removal of part of the lymph system?

a.            Lymphoma

b.            Lymphadenectomy

c.             Lymphadenitis

d.            Lymphedema

8.            Where is the mediastinum located?

a.            Left upper abdominal quadrant

b.            Muscle that separates the abdominal and thoracic cavities

c.             In between the two lungs

d.            Below the diaphragm

9.            What portion of the thoracic cavity lies between the lungs and contains the heart?

a.            Mediastinum

b.            Diaphragm

c.             Lymphatic channels


d.            Bone marrow

10.          What is another name for the larynx?

a.            Windpipe

b.            Trachea

c.             Voice box

d.            Epiglottis








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