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Homework answers / question archive / Ohio University, Athens PSY 3710 Week 1 Quiz 1)Based on discussion in the textbook, a good definition for clinical psychology should focus solely on the treatment of patients

Ohio University, Athens PSY 3710 Week 1 Quiz 1)Based on discussion in the textbook, a good definition for clinical psychology should focus solely on the treatment of patients


Ohio University, Athens

PSY 3710

Week 1 Quiz

1)Based on discussion in the textbook, a good definition for clinical psychology should

    1. focus solely on the treatment of patients.
    2. include an emphasis on research and publication.
    3. contain reference to the science, theory, and practice of this broad field.
    4. exclude the behavioral components that contribute to psychological processes.
  1. All of the following are ways in a which a psychologist differs from a psychiatrist, EXCEPT:
    1. Psychiatrists prescribe medication and psychologists do not.
    2. Psychiatrists go to medical school and psychologists do not.
    3. Psychiatrists have a professional/doctorate degree and psychologists do not.
    4. Psychiatrists emphasize biological bases of mental health concerns, whereas psychologists also consider behavioral, cognitive, and emotional bases.
  1. John is an undergraduate psychology major. He wishes to become a clinical psychologist. In order to reach this goal, John must
    1. earn a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.
    2. earn a master’s degree in clinical psychology.
    3. earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology.
    4. complete 300 clinical internship hours while an undergraduate student.


  1. The Boulder model of training is characterized by
    1. a joint emphasis on practice and research.
    2. an emphasis on research over practice.
    3. an emphasis on practice over research.
    4. a combined emphasis on practice, research, and psychopharmacology.


  1. Diane has been accepted into a clinical psychology graduate program that adheres to the Vail Model of training. Upon graduation from the program, Diane is most likely to earn a            and work in a             .
    1. PsyD, clinical setting
    2. PhD, clinical setting
    3. PsyD, university psychology department
    4. PhD, university psychology department


  1. Michael’s career goal is to become a clinical psychologist who researches the treatment effectiveness of new psychotherapy interventions for bipolar I disorder. He envisions his work setting in academia or at a national research institute. When selecting clinical psychology graduate programs to which he will apply, Michael should focus on programs that adhere to the                         model of training.
    1. scientist-practitioner


    1. practitioner-scholar
    2. clinical scientist
    3. learner-seeker


  1. Josephine is an undergraduate student who wants to increase her odds of getting into a clinical psychology graduate program. Based on recommendations provided in the textbook, which of the following is the best advice you could provide to Josephine?
    1. Avoid undergraduate courses in statistics and research methodology. These classes often lower an applicant’s GP
    2. Get to know your professors. Build a positive, professional relationship with them so they can write meaningful, persuasive letters of recommendation for you.
    3. Limit yourself to one road to becoming a clinical psychologist. For example, once you have decided you want to earn a PhD from a scientist-practitioner program, do not consider other training options.
    4. Do not seek out clinically relevant experience while being an undergraduate. Graduate programs prefer to train “fresh” graduate students, not students who have already acquired some skills through part-time experiences.


  1. All of the following are true statements about the differences between PsyD programs and PhD programs, EXCEPT:
    1. PsyD programs offer significantly more funding to students than do PhD programs.
    2. PsyD programs tend to emphasize research less so than PhD programs.
    3. PsyD programs tend to enroll a much larger percentage of applicants than do PhD programs.
    4. PsyD programs tend to take fewer years to complete than PhD programs.


  1. A growing emphasis in clinical psychology graduate training is specific            , or outcome-based skills that a student must be able to demonstrate in areas such as assessment, research, and ethics.
    1. benchmarks
    2. specialty tracks
    3. competencies
    4. training realms


  1.              authorizes a psychologist to practice independently.
  1. Successful completion of the predoctoral internship
  2. Successful completion of the postdoctoral internship
  3. Successful completion of all graduate courses in an APA-accredited graduate program
  4. Licensure




Ohio University, AthensPSY 3710

Week 2 Quiz




Question 2:           Essay


List two advantages and two disadvantages to working in clinical psychology practice:






Question 3:           Essay



Psychologists are becoming more demographically diverse, however, prior to 1980 most health service psychologists (i.e., psychologists in clinical practice were) of what race and gender?












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