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Homework answers / question archive / University of Texas, Brownsville - CLSC 2429 Chapter 17

University of Texas, Brownsville - CLSC 2429 Chapter 17

Health Science

University of Texas, Brownsville - CLSC 2429

Chapter 17.

1)How does HIV affect the immune response?

2.         What kind of virus is HIV?

3.         What is the Immunodefiency Disorder that affects the bone marrow stem cells?

            In Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn -

4. Which immunoglobulin is involved?

5.         Under which hypersensitivity category is it classified?

6          Why is the fetus protected until after birth?



7.         What is the cause of autoimmune disease?

8.         In a Type I hypersensitivity reaction, what do mast cells do once they are activated?

9.         What is an Arthus reaction?

10.       Occurs following injection of antigen into previously immunized individual with circulating antibody when tetanus


11.       What is serum sickness?

12.       How will the immune system handle a transfusion reaction? For example, if you are A+ and you are typed as B+, or if you are Rh- and you are typed as Rh+?

13.       Is a first exposure to an allergen stronger than a second exposure?

14.       What common skin test is a Type IV hypersensitivity response when positive?


Review Questions for Chapter 18.

1.         What does the term vaccination mean and who coined it?

2.         What is the difference between an attenuated and an inactivated vaccine?

3.         What is an adjuvant? What are two kinds of adjuvants used?

4.         What do the Salk and the Sabine vaccine protect against?

5.         How does the Sabine vaccine elicit a better secretory IgA response than the Salk vaccine?

6.         What are the benefits of a peptide vaccine?

7.         What is serology?

8.         What is the difference between serum and plasma?

9.         Name two common types of immunoassays.

10.       What is an agglutination reaction?

11.       What is a precipitation reaction?




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