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Homework answers / question archive / Multiple Choice: 2

Multiple Choice: 2


Multiple Choice:

2.In industrial microbiology, microbes growing on inexpensive nutrients are induced to synthesize valuable products such as amino acids, nucleotides, organic acids and vitamins.

True or False


6.Current recommendations in the United States for treatment of MRSA are to use


  • no antibiotics to curb the development of resistance.
  • erythromycin and a second antibiotic.
  • no antibiotics to allow the immune system to function.
  • more than one antibiotic.
  • any antibiotic other than methicillin.


7.Which is not a characteristic of spirochetes?

  • The cells exhibit a helical shape.
  • The cells stain gram-negative.
  • The cells are always motile.
  • All cells have a cell wall.
  • All are pathogenic.


9.T cell response to T-dependent antigens requires

  • typically a protein antigen.
  • binding of the T cell to a class II MHC receptor on a macrophage.
  • binding of the T cell to a site on the antigen.
  • interleukin-1 activating the T helper cell.
  • All of the choices are correct.


11.Which of the following is not true of cellulitis?

  • Lymphangitis may occur with this infection.
  • It affects the epidermis layer of the skin.
  • Surgery may be required for treatment.
  • It is caused by S. aureus or S. pyogenes.
  • It causes pain, tenderness, swelling, and warmth.


15.An example of artificial active immunity would be

  • chickenpox infection, followed by lifelong immunity.
  • giving a person immune serum globulins to chickenpox virus after exposure to the disease.
  • chickenpox vaccine triggering extended immunity to chickenpox.
  • a fetus acquiring maternal IgG to the chickenpox virus across the placenta.


17.Prostatitis and urinary tract infections (UTIs) are alike in that 

  • treatment will minimize the symptoms but will never completely eliminate the disease.
  • untreated cases may complicate by infecting the kidneys.
  • women are far more susceptible to both infections than men.
  • both result from the transfer of normal biota from the GI tract.


20.Trichinella species spend their entire life within the body of a mammalian host, but can move from one species to another upon consumption of an infected animal. Which of the following statements regarding trichinosis is incorrect?


  • Affected muscle tissue has multiple cysts. Upon consumption, this generates a population that includes both males and females for the infection to propagate.
  • An important hazard of consuming roadkill meats is the potential presence of Trichinella cysts.
  • Ground pork is safe, as the grinding process both inactivates the Trichinella cysts and mixes it with meats from multiple animals, effectively diluting any remaining cysts.
  • Venison (deer) is safe from trichinosis because deer are herbivores not carnivores.



23.Hepatitis B infection:

  • is responsible for most cases of post-transfusion hepatitis.
  • can be transmitted by the fecal-oral route.
  • has an incubation of 2 to 3 weeks.
  • increases risk for hepatocellular cancer.

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