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Read the following passage


Read the following passage. Identify each of the parts of the scientific method.

Dr. Edward Jenner performed some research, and noticed that dairymaids had a very low rate of contracting the deadly disease smallpox. He predicted that the exposure of the dairymaids to a similar disease called cowpox was granting them immunity to smallpox. His gardener volunteered his 8 year-old son to be intentionally exposed to cowpox, allowed to recover, then exposed to smallpox. The boy did not contract smallpox. Similar results were observed with several other children. Dr. Jenner submitted his results to the Royal Society of Medicine, resulting in the creation of the first vaccine.


Observation -


Hypothesis -


Experiment -


Data - 


Conclusion -



Peer Review -



Assume that the Royal Society of Medicine insisted that Dr. Jenner repeat his experiment, this time with a control group and experimental group. How would each group differ? What is the purpose of a control group?




Two polls of an upcoming election are conducted. One questions 100 people, the other questions 500 people. Which is more likely to have accurate results? Why?



Give an example of qualitative and quantitative data that could be collected from an experiment.




Explain how a double-blind experiment would help to minimize bias in a drug study.




Compare a theory to a hypothesis.




Could a theory or hypothesis eventually become a law? Explain why or why not.




Briefly summarize what is studied in each of these fields of biology:


Cell Biology -


Genetics -


Taxonomy -


Evolution -

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