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Homework answers / question archive / Customer Service Quiz CHAPTER 4 1) Which among the following gestures is most likely to signal skepticism or doubt? 2

Customer Service Quiz CHAPTER 4 1) Which among the following gestures is most likely to signal skepticism or doubt? 2


Customer Service Quiz


1) Which among the following gestures is most likely to signal skepticism or doubt?

2. Which of the following gestures is most likely to project displeasure, condescension, scrutiny, or disbelief?

3. As the customer was requesting a gift receipt for a purchase, Trevor crossed his arms. How might the customer interpret this nonverbal behavior?

4. Movements, gestures, body positions, vocal qualities, and a variety of unspoken signals sent by people, often in conjunction with spoken communication are called _____ messages.

5. Which two of the following are nonverbal characteristics exhibited by service providers that can project images ranging from one of being a professional to one of having a negative attitude?

6. The number of words spoken per minute is called ___ of ______.

7. With respect to body language, ____ tend to stand closer to one another and claim smaller areas of personal space.

8. Which strategy helps a customer service representative promote effective nonverbal communication?

9. Verbal fillers are often used by speakers uncomfortable with ____ in a conversation.

10. Which of the following is classified as a vocal cue?    

11. A personal distance of 18 inches to four feet is best for communicating with ____.

12. Ben, a customer service executive, wants to emphasize a point to his customer. Which of the following gestures is most likely to help Ben in this scenario?

13. A statement that is most likely to distort the meaning or frustrate listeners is___.

14. Jason knew that the women who came into the store preferred to chat with the sales staff but men who came into the store didn’t want to be bothered. Jason is knowledgeable about _____ communication.

15. According to the typical spatial distances in western cultures, ____ is the ideal distance at large gatherings where most people do not know one another.

16. Based on Figure 4.2, _____ is classified as intimate distance.

17. Putting your hands on your hips tends to project an image of which of the following?

18. Which of the following is generally true of the vocal cues of males?

19. Which of the following types of handshakes is most likely to leave a positive impression?

20. True or false: a customer might feel you are accusing them of something if you point your finger at them.

21. When explaining information, Julius has a tendency to start his sentences with “obviously” as he covers each point. This is an example of a _____ that could lead to a breakdown in customer interactions.

22. Factors used to send messages that impact a customer’s perception or feelings about a service provider or organization are referred to as _____.

23. When communicating, it is important to _______.

24. Customers may not react positively if you peer over your eyeglasses at them because __.

25. ____ refers to the change in tone of the voice as one speaks.

26. ______ provides a tremendous opportunity for expanding your personal knowledge and interaction with people from cultures you might not otherwise encounter.

27. When approaching Byron’s register, a customer notices candy wrappers, piles of returned product, and a collection of receipts. To what is the customer responding when noticing these items?

28. A colorfully decorated office displaying a variety of personal objects is more likely to belong to a ____.

29. If you want to allow a customer a moment to think about the options you listed, you would use ___.

30. The manner or clarity in which verbal messages are spoken is called ____.

31. Some research has found that women tend to be more comfortable in close proximity with other women than men are being positioned close to other men. This fact reflects a difference in ____ related to gender.

32. Which of the following behaviors of a service executive is most likely to have a positive impact on the customer’s perception?

33. As the customer indicated that the shoes she was returning had not be worn, Brent listened with a raised eyebrow. How might the customer interpret this nonverbal behavior?

34. Nonverbal communication cues that send powerful messages through gestures, vocal qualities, manner of dress, grooming, and many other cues are called ____.

35. Brett will be greeting each of the foreign dignitaries as they enter the meeting. What nonverbal cue is best for him to use because it has a universal meaning of friendship and acceptance?

36. Leena, a customer-service executive, is approached by a customer who wants to clarify her understanding about the features of a product. To show the customer that she is interested in the conversation, Leena should ______.

37. Why should time allocations, like returning a phone call within four hours, be goals (but not ultimatums) in service organizations?

38. The overall characteristics of the sound of someone’s voice is called voice ___.

39. ____ consists of voice qualities or noises and vocalizations made as someone speaks, which let a speaker know that his or her message is being listened to and followed.

40. ___ tend to be more expressive when speaking and focus more on details.

41. _____ is the scientific study of relationships between signs, symbols, and words and their meaning.

42. What is the effect of maintaining an appropriate level of eye contact while communicating with a customer?

43. The study of pupil reaction to stimuli is known as _____.

44. Which of the following is generally true of the body language of males?

45. _____ indicates a positive message intent.

46. _____ relates to the invisible barrier surrounding people in which they feel comfortable interacting with others.

47. ______ is the amount of attention given to a person or project.

48. Which of the following is a function of the left hemisphere of the brain?

49. When trying to decide what is appropriate to wear to the workplace, the best place to start is by _______.

50. _____ is likely to send a message of coolness, insecurity, or disinterest.

51. Based on Figure 4.3, ___ is symbol of prestige, status, wealth, elegance, or conservatism.

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